Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Try To Keep Romance Private, But Here Are 5 Secrets Her Instagram Photos Reveal

Suits star Meghan Markle is quickly discovering what Prince Harry already knew: It’s impossible to keep a romance secret when the royal family is involved. Despite that concern, Meghan and Harry have reportedly sought to hide as much of their romantic relationship as possible. But what Markle may have forgotten are all the secrets revealed in her Instagram photos.

Just over six months have passed since the world learned about Prince Harry’s and Suits actress Meghan Markle’s unexpected romance. But the two have succeeded in keeping much of their romantic relationship under cover, pointed out E! News.

Although Meghan is from Los Angeles, known for its population of paparazzi eager to take her photo, she resides in Toronto, which has considerably fewer professional photographers. But the 35-year-old actress hasn’t taken down those Instagram photos that reveal some of her secrets.

Secret 1: Meghan Markle Has A Soft Spot For Cute Puns

Markle can’t resist a cute photo, especially when it’s got a pun to go with it, and her fans love it.

“I’m bananas for this.”

That won chuckles from her followers.

“Too cute,” gushed one fan.

While that banana caused some fans to go banana, however, Meghan has learned to avoid sharing too much social media. Ever since the news spread last October that Meghan was dating Prince Harry, she cut down on cutesy images.

The two canoodling bananas, however, still earned comments from fans concerning Prince Harry.

“I hope you’re both very happy enjoy the wedding and the peace before things really kick off as they will when going out with any royal family member,” commented another follower.

Secret 2: Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Loves Inspiring Quotes

Prince Harry’s actress girlfriend also has a passion for quotations, filling her Instagram with inspiring quotes, such as this one from author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

“Here’s some good old inspirational #foodforthought – because you know I love a good quote,” wrote the actress.

Secret 3: Meghan Markle Appreciates Her Fans

While Meghan reportedly seeks to protect her privacy, she doesn’t hesitate to express her appreciation for her fans and wish them well.

“I am grateful to each and every one of you. Wow. 1 million followers and one million more opportunities for me to connect with you,” gushed the Suits star. “Thanks for joining me on this amazing adventure, friends! Cheers to so much more!”

Does Prince Harry know what his girlfriend Meghan Markle has revealed on Instagram?
Does Prince Harry know what his girlfriend Meghan Markle has revealed on Instagram? [Image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]

Secret 4: Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Supports Pet Rescue

Beyond puns and quotations, Markle is fond of sharing pet pictures on Instagram. They come with a motive because Prince Harry’s gal pal believes in rescuing and adopting pets from shelters rather than purchasing from a pet store.

“#adoptdontshop,” posted the actress.

Secret 5: Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Is A Foodie

From exotic foods (more sushi, please) to comfort foods (bring on the bacon), Meghan has been sharing photos of her fondness for food.

“Yes, please!…#theresnoplacelikehome #sushi.”

Fans quickly caught onto the fact that unlike some stars, Markle isn’t afraid to share the joys of eating her favorite treats.

“So you are [a] foodie!” summed up one follower.

While the world was busy buzzing about just how “besotted” Prince Harry was for the Suits star, she apparently decided to ignore the gossip and focus on sharing her meals, pointed out Delish magazine, which interviewed her to get the dish on her diet.

“French fries and vino are my vices.”

Given the choice between a chocolate-infused, gooey dessert or red wine, Markle goes for a “big, beautiful red.” The actress also likes Argentinian Malbecs, French cabs, and pinot noirs from Oregon.

“In the summer, though, when I’m out with my friends, it’s rosé all day,” she added.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share puppy love.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share puppy love. [Image by Kirsty Wigglesworth/WPA Pool/Getty Images]

As for whether those friends include Prince Harry, she stayed silent. But the star did reveal that she has two different diets in her repertoire, following one food plan when she’s filming and another when she’s not focused on the way that the camera adds pounds.

Markle’s diet when she’s filming is simple, ranging from oatmeal for breakfast and a salad with lunch to green juice and apples for snacks. For dinner, she gives into her passion for pasta, along with zucchini and a glass of wine.

But when the actress isn’t filming, “all bets are off.” And that means it’s time to bring on the French fries. While breakfast usually consists of an omelette with cheese and toast, it’s lunch when Markle indulges in her favorite.

“I’m always hoping I’m having lunch with people, so we can share fries. It’s its own food group for me,” confessed Megan.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]