‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Two Familiar Faces Return To Port Charles-What Brings Spinelli And Spencer Back?

Now that the drama of the General Hospital Nurses Ball is almost over, Port Charles will see a couple of familiar faces return. Bradford Anderson, who plays the role of the always lovable Spinelli, will be making a rare appearance this week. Also, the adorable Nicolas J. Bechtel, aka Spencer Cassadine, will also be returning for a short stint on the ABC soap. Are they just back for a friendly visit, or is there more to it?

According to Soap Hub, Anderson and Bechtel will both be reprising their roles this week, and General Hospital fans are thrilled to have them back on screen. They are both well-loved on the show, and Port Charles is never the same without them. Now is an excellent time for these two guys to be back as there has been much drama unfolding.

Spinelli had returned to town back in January to officiate Nathan and Maxie’s wedding. However, Bradford Anderson had a scheduling conflict at the time of filming and could not reprise his role. Blake Berris came in and took over the part, and although he did a decent job, it just wasn’t the same, according to fans. There was a bit of an uproar at the time as viewers were hoping that the original Spinelli would have been the one who married Maxie and Nathan.

Speaking of Maxie, the return of Spinelli could have something to do with her and Nathan. She has been out of town since she became a newlywed and Nathan is not happy about it. In fact, Maxie has been living near Spinelli and their daughter in Portland. They have a rich history together, which makes it even worse for Nathan. What could bring Spinelli back to Port Charles?

Nurse Amy Driscoll seems to be trying to get her claws into Maxie’s husband at the moment. There has been a General Hospital rumor floating around that those two could eventually become a couple. While that may seem unlikely, the writers could just be testing the waters between them. Actress Kirsten Storms is expected to be coming back to her role as Maxie soon. What will she find when she does return? Will Spinelli be back only to talk to Nathan about his relationship with his wife, or is there more to his return?

Spencer Cassadine has been away at boarding school for months now, but he is making his way back to General Hospital to pay a visit to his Grandmother Laura. Things aren’t quite the same as they used to be when he left town. Valentin is now living in his old mansion. He now has a wife and daughter and has made Port Charles his home, despite the ruckus that he has caused. What will Spencer do when he comes face-to-face with the person who tried to snatch him and who has supposedly killed his father?

What will Spencer do when he sees Valentin?
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Valentin has turned into somewhat of a nice guy, but he still has a mean streak in him. This character seems to be evolving all the time. If it wasn’t for Spencer’s uncle Sonny coming to the rescue, Valentin may have harmed him. That scenario now seems strange because he is father to Charlotte. Would he really have hurt Spencer back then?

According to General Hospital spoilers, Spencer will be meeting Charlotte, and those two could end up forming a bond. Spencer is quite the character, and Valentin’s daughter may just find a new friend.

There is also the whole Chimera project that Jake Webber is about to expose on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Everyone thought that Spencer was the one who sent Jake that magic kit, but Laura finally spilled last week that it definitely wasn’t her grandson who sent the birthday present. She said that Spencer wanted to give his gift in person, which could be the reason that he will show up this week.

Are you looking forward to having Bradford Anderson and Nicolas Bechtel back on General Hospital? Sound off your thoughts on what will happen once they return to Port Charles.

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