Sofia Richie Shuts Down Scott Disick Dating Rumors

Sofia Richie wants the world to know that she is not dating Scott Disick, in any way, shape, or form. The 18-year-old has been on the tips of everyone’s tongues since photos of her and Scott Disick made their way online. Earlier today, however, Sofia Richie totally shut down dating rumors.

The model and daughter of Lionel Richie took to her Twitter account to set things straight.

“Just so everyone can get their panties out of their a–, Scott and I are just homies #relax,” Sofia wrote, via Twitter.

That makes three women this week who have denied being attached to Scott Disick romantically. The first denial came from former Disney Channel Star, Bella Thorne, who was the first star photographed in Cannes with Scott.

“Yo this #cannes fancy life isn’t for me,” Bella first wrote, via Twitter.

Later on, Bella also said, “Hahahaha, I’m not talking to Scott of anyone else #don’tf—withit.”

The actress also “liked” a Tweet which compared Scott Disick to her father, and insulted both of their intelligence.

“@bellathorne how are you with @ScottDisick? He looks like your father; both your brain cells combined equal the amount of kids he has,” wrote one Twitter user.

The second denial came from, UK Blogger, Maggie Petrova. She told People, exclusively that her relationship with Scott Disick was not at all romantic.

“Scott and I are just friends — we are staying at a friend’s villa together,” she told the publication. “There is nothing going on.”

Sofia’s Richie’s statement comes after she and Scott were spotted getting rather cozy on a yacht in Cannes. The photos in question inspired yet another set of dating rumors that surrounded Scott Disick and made Sofia the sixth woman he’s entertained in a single week.

Sofia Richie posted a photo of herself standing on top of a yacht, which only further fueled romance rumors.

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Scott Disick’s week has been super busy, to say the least. The reality star and father-of-three made headlines when he entertained a slew of women in France.Though Scott’s ex, Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t spoken out publicly about Scott’s rendezvous, multiple reports suggest that she is not happy with the image he’s portraying.

Several outlets have reported that Kourtney Kardashian is keeping their three kids away from Scott Disick until he cleans up his act, according to TMZ.

Apparently, Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t feel safe having Scott around the kids, while the admitted sex-addict is abusing alcohol and “other substances.”

Another individual close to the family expressed a similar sentiment to E!News.

“What she is upset about is her kids and she wishes Scott would keep them in mind. One day they are going to be old enough to read about this stuff and understand what is going on,” a source close to Kourtney and Scott told E!. “It’s unfair to the three kids and it’s really disappointing considering Scott had made a lot of progress. To throw it all away like this is very concerning,” the insider explained.

If the source is to be believed, then having Sofia Richie deny their relationship is the least of Scott’s problems. Scott Disick has to get his act together before he can see his children again.

Tell us, what do you think of Sofia Richie and Scott Disick’s supposed romance? Do you believe Sofia Richie when she says that she and Scott are not dating? Do you approve of Scott Disick’s behavior over the past week? You can sound off in the comment section, below.

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