CM Punk Or Hulk Hogan’s Return To Wrestling Ring Teased By Latest Media Pieces?

Could a CM Punk or Hulk Hogan return to the WWE ring happen anytime in the near future? Two recent pieces of WWE media are being considered possible teases that the company could bring back one or both of these popular wrestling stars. While the latest teases are purely speculation and give fans some fun WWE rumors to discuss, the excitement is certainly there for these former WWE champions to have another stint with the company. Here’s the latest on the slight chances that World Wrestling Entertainment is teasing their returns to the ring.

As the Sportskeeda website recently reported, a special poster included inside a sample edition of the WWE Kids Magazine has led to some of the rumors of “The Hulkster” coming back. The poster is a double-sided piece which has ring legends on one side. John Cena is in the center of the mix of superstars and is flanked by stars including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Ultimate Warrior, Roman Reigns, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan. On the flip side of the poster is just one superstar: Hulk Hogan. Hulkster is pictured in his classic shirt-ripping pose with the words “Believe in yourself brother!”

WWE star Hulk Hogan was rumored to make a return to the wrestling ring at this past April’s WrestleMania 33. [Image by WWE}

As far as CM Punk goes, he wasn’t featured on that poster, but he was in a recent video clip that WWE posted for the fans to see. On Thursday, a video from the WWE Championship match from Elimination Chamber 2013 was uploaded on WWE’s YouTube channel. That match featured CM Punk challenging Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the title. The Rock won that main event bout via pinfall in about 21 minutes to retain his championship. It had also carried the extra stipulation that if Rock was counted out or disqualified, he would’ve lost the title.

Of the two recent teases and of the two superstars, it would seem Hulk Hogan has a stronger chance of returning right now than CM Punk. Hogan no longer is dealing with the infamous Gawker lawsuit, and with two years having passed, his previous mistakes are in the more distant past. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the legend make a return to the professional wrestling ring, even if it’s not for a full match.

CM Punk is farther away from making his anticipated return to the WWE. Even though fans chant his name at many live events, he and WWE didn’t exactly part ways on the most amicable of terms. Currently, Punk is seen on MTV’s reality competition series The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros. He’s also been trying to make his way in the sport of mixed martial arts with the UFC.

Surprisingly, both of these superstars have been given odds to win the 2018 Royal Rumble match. Of the two Superstars, CM Punk actually is being given the higher odds of winning the match with 40-1 odds per the Paddy Power online sportsbook. That has him tied with Kurt Angle, Kofi Kingston, and Jason Jordan. As of this report, Hulk Hogan was listed with odds of 200-1 to win the match, tying him with two other former WWE stars: Kevin Nash and Billy Gunn.

CM Punk’s return to WWE seems possible but far away after he left on not so friendly terms. [Image by WWE]

So while Hogan is probably closer to a return to a WWE ring than CM Punk is, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. WWE would probably not have Hogan return to win a match with the stakes as high as getting a main event title shot at WrestleMania unless Roman Reigns and several other top stars were hurt or unable to compete. CM Punk would be a bigger star who they would put in that spot, but that would only occur once the broken relationship between Punk and the WWE has been patched up.

As with most WWE rumors, these pieces of speculation simply provide the fuel to the fire that keeps wrestling fans anticipating a huge buzzworthy surprise down the road. Just the possibility of both of these popular stars getting back in the wrestling ring is enough to keep fans hopeful for something big that could happen in the future. With the recent returns by Bill Goldberg and Kurt Angle to WWE, it’s tough to rule out that Hulk Hogan and CM Punk will also find their ways back to WWE ring.

WWE fans, do you believe that both Hulk Hogan and CM Punk will eventually make their returns to WWE in some capacity? Will Hogan ever work in a WWE match? Also, will CM Punk ever hold any WWE gold again for his wrestling legacy?

[Featured Image by WWE]

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