Hump Day Hottie Zach Gilford Coming To Theaters

This week’s Hump Day Hottie has been named Zach Gilford by MTV, with the primary reason cited that he would be the best guy to kiss under the mistletoe this holiday Christmas season. Zach Gilford has a new movie out and several more are coming down the pipeline. Hump Day Hottie is a weekly article where the hottest looking guys are highlighted for viewers of the female persuasion.

According to MTV, the 30-year-old actor grew up in suburban Chicago, where he studied at Northwestern University. Eventually, the shiny lights of Hollywood drew him to the West Coast and he pursued an acting career. Zach Gilford might be a Hump Day Hottie but he’s no bachelor…Gilford is engaged to actress Kiele Sanchez as of last year.

You might remember this Hump Day Hottie from the Friday Night Lights TV series. Zach Gilford has also been seen in Post Grad, Super and the short-lived TV show, Off The Map. This Hump Day Hottie was also tapped by Taylor Swift to play her love interest in her Ours music video.

So what is Zach Gilford doing nowadays?

[Zach Gilford] stars in the indie, “In Our Nature,” out in limited release this week. He plays opposite ‘Mad Men’ star John Slattery in the family drama about a father and son trying to mend their broken relationship. ‘Hunger Games’ star Jena Malone gets to play his girlfriend. We aren’t playing when we say we are reeeeeally jealous. You can also catch him in the final episodes of ‘The Mob Doctor,’ which will finish its run in January after being canceled last month.”

Zach Gilford is wrapping up work on other films like the family drama Crazy Kind of Love and the action flick The Last Stand where he plays alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let us hope this Hump Day you find something fun for Zach Gilford to entertain you with.

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