Leah Remini Returns With ‘Scientology And The Aftermath’ Because ‘It Should Be Everyone’s Fight!’

Last year, Leah Remini launched her own crusade against the Church of Scientology with her A&E series, amid criticism from the church that had once counted Remini as one of its most trusted members. Through her docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah not only amassed a collection of heartbreaking stories from other former members but made new friends eager to join her fight against the Church of Scientology. At the time of the season finale, it wasn’t known for certain whether A&E would renew the show for another season. Now, Ms. Remini is sharing the news that there will at least be a single episode, if not a full season, as she urges everyone to join the fight against Scientology.

The Future Of Scientology And The Aftermath With Leah Remini

Us Weekly shares good news for Leah Remini’s followers, as it’s revealed that A&E is planning to air a two-hour stand alone episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on Monday, May 29. The special two-hour event will be entitled “Merchants of Fear” and will bring Mike Rinder back as Leah’s partner.

During the special episode, Rinder and Ms. Remini will launch an investigation into the Church of Scientology with a special focus on how the church leaders have dealt with critics. Labeled by Scientologists as suppressive persons, critics of Scientology are often subjected to harsh and sometimes illegal tactics meant to dissuade them from issuing further public criticism.

The Scientology and the Aftermath special will bring on special guests, people who have gone up against the church and have faced the consequences for trying to undermine Scientology practices and beliefs.

Leah Remini is, of course, one of these critics and, since launching her docuseries, the Church of Scientology has issued statements meant to discredit Ms. Remini to potential viewers.

“Leah Remini is doing this show for the money, just as she profited from her book. In addition, she attempted to extort the Church by first demanding $500,000, followed by an additional $1 million, because the Church invoked its First Amendment right to respond to her false claims with the truth,” reads a statement previously issued by the Church of Scientology.

Scientology Is Becoming A Bigger Problem, Says Leah Remini

Speaking with TV Insider, Ms. Remini revealed that her vision for Scientology and the Aftermath hasn’t quite been realized, leaving her with a bigger project than she initially intended. In exposing stories from within the Church of Scientology, Leah had hoped the government would step in and launch an official investigation into the leadership of Scientology and the abuses committed against its members.

Since that hasn’t happened, Leah says she feels compelled to continue to expose what’s going on behind closed doors instead of moving onto another similar cult, which had been her plan.

Leah Remini is still hoping the government will pick up the fight against Scientology. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Going into a second season of Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah says she’s going to choose her topics more carefully. Season 1 cast her as a lone crusader against the entire Church of Scientology and that’s something she wants to avoid.

“It should be everyone’s fight. Honestly the people who have supported the show have done more for us than they can ever imagine,” says Leah Remini.

“Now it’s time for the government agencies whose job it is to protect people from dangerous cults like this to do something about it.”

Leah adds that things aren’t getting better, even after so much exposure through her own television series and others attempting to get free from the Church of Scientology’s cult mentality. In fact, Ms. Remini says it keeps getting worse, as far as the things she’s being told from members and former members of the church.

Among the scare tactics used against her, Leah Remini says the Church of Scientology attempted to convince her that going through with her docuseries would destroy her career. That hasn’t been the case and Leah has even a surge in her popularity and acting jobs.

Even if that threat had come to fruition, Ms. Remini says it wouldn’t have stopped her.

“I mean, if the rest of my career path is social activism, I’m great with it. I love it. I love doing it,” says Leah.

“By the way, you asked me do I regret it? Absolutely not.”

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