Emma Watson Gets The Third Degree From A Bunch Of Schoolchildren [Video]

Emma Watson is charming her fans once again in a special Q&A session with her most ardent fans. Drawing young children from her Harry Potter and her Beauty and the Beast fanbases, Watson uses a pad to share pre-recorded videos of the children asking their burning questions. These were details only Emma herself could answer, which she does with a great sense of humor and a little imagination. It’s difficult to know who’s more adorable in the interview segment, the children or Watson herself, but it’s certainly the most entertaining interview the Beauty and the Beast actress has done in quite some time.

Emma Watson Gets Grilled By Her Youngest Fans

Elite Daily reports that the Q&A session put together by Entertainment Weekly was a great way to enable Watson to connect with her younger fans and to give a few of those fans a chance to interact with Emma. The children were allowed to ask anything they wanted, as long as it pertained to either Beauty and the Beast or to Emma’s role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. That left some considerable ground to cover, but the kids ended up asking some challenging questions.

Ms. Watson kicked off the unique interview, as she reviewed the questions on her pad.

“Where did you get these kids? They’re all so cute. This is craziness,” laughed Emma.

Emma Watson shares her fondest memories with her fans. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

After making that observation, Watson kicked off the questions with seven-year-old Audrey, who was most interested in Emma’s reading adventures. She said that, like Watson’s Belle, she also liked reading books, so she wanted to know what books Emma had liked as a young girl.

Ms. Watson tells Audrey that Roald Dahl was her favorite childhood author and, while she does specifically mention James and the Giant Peach, Watson later adds that she enjoyed all of Dahl’s books.

Emma also reveals that her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films was largely inspired by her memory of her father reading the first three books in the J.K. Rowling series to her as a girl.

Emma Watson Embraces Girl Power With Belle And Hermione

It’s no secret that Emma Watson is very outspoken on many causes, particularly those that relate to issues of concern to the renewed feminist movement. As Marie Claire shares, that passion for social change is evident even in Watson’s answers to some of the questions in her recent Q&A session.

Another seven-year-old, Maddie, asked Emma what she feels is the best thing about playing Hermione Granger. For Watson, the best aspect to her Harry Potter character is that Hermione is one of the smartest characters and shows her bravery with a fearless nature that sometimes lands her in hot water. Watson adds that she was proud to play Hermione, because she’s a strong, confident girl.

“She’s just super strong and fierce and empowered and gets to do all that stuff,” adds Watson.

Next up, five-year-old Amira may be the most adorable of the bunch, as she refers to Ms. Watson as Belle, proving the youngest of us still embrace fantasy and innocence. For Amira, she wanted to know how Belle felt about the beast in Beauty and the Beast.

Watson stayed in character, adding to this heartwarming moment between fan and character, telling Amira that Belle didn’t care for the beast at all in the beginning. Later, as she recognized that the beast’s rough exterior was hiding his own pain and feelings of loneliness, Emma feels that Belle came to care for the man within.

Emma may have landed in trouble with Star Wars fans over her first boy guest, five-year-old Jacob. He asked the actress who would win in a fight between Harry Potter and Darth Vader. Ms. Watson didn’t hesitate to root for good old Harry.

“You’re only going to get so far in life, when you’re cold and dry and mean,” added Emma Watson. “It’s just…You’re not going to win in the end. You’ll do fine, but you’re not gonna win in the end.”

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