‘Married At First Sight’ Season 5: Is Danielle To Blame For Cody’s Indecision?

Married at First Sight would always have that one couple that seems to lack the spark needed for a successful marriage. Unfortunately, in Season 5, that couple would be Danielle and Cody, arguably the pair with the most issues in their relationship. Considering the interviews and the statements that the couple gave during and after the episode, many viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show are wondering if the couple’s problems stem from Danielle’s assertive attitude, Cody’s passive tendencies, or a little bit of both.

MAFS Season 5 Episode 7 showed the couple attempting to adjust to their new life as a married pair. While the episode did show some warm scenes featuring the newlyweds, the majority of their airtime was dedicated to the trials that the two were starting to face. From what could be determined by Danielle’s statements on the show, she would like Cody to act more like a man, and not be as passive as he was. Cody, on the other hand, seemingly struck first, dropping a bombshell on his wife by saying that he would like them to just start off as friends. Unsurprisingly, Cody’s statement was not received well by Danielle, especially as the two have both signed up for the reality TV show’s premise.

Looking at the way that the newlyweds were acting on Married at First Sight Season 5 Episode 7, it appears that the blame actually lies on both Danielle and Cody. Numerous viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show have reiterated the same thing in online forums such as Reddit, with some stating that Danielle’s attitude was causing Cody to push away. Others, however, largely blamed Cody for signing up for something that he was not ready to commit to.

Overall, both these observations do have their valid points. After all, the episode did show that Danielle really had a tendency to seemingly point out issues that might not be there, as shown in her reaction when Cody decided to stay in after missing the train to Chicago. Apart from this, her two dogs, who have been her companions for some time, were noted by many viewers to be extremely untrained. Coupled with her rigid stance on her expectations for her husband, Danielle definitely appeared to be a bit tricky to settle down with, especially for a man such as Cody.

Danielle is the older one of the two, and the maturity gap between them are getting more pronounced by the episode. The fact that Cody showed much uncertainty in the episode is a huge indication that he is in a much different place than his wife. This is not to say that Cody is bad husband material, however. Instead, it might simply show that he and Danielle are just not that compatible. Numerous fans of the hit reality TV show even stated that both Cody and Danielle seem like very nice people, though they might not be meant for each other.

In a blog post to People, however, Cody expressed his desire to make things work between him and his new wife. While he admitted to the struggles that they were facing at this stage in their marriage, Cody maintained his optimism about their future together.

“At the end of the day, even knowing we aren’t really in the best place right now, I’m not giving up. I made a commitment in front of God, my family, and my friends — and I take marriage very seriously. No one said this ‘marrying a stranger’ thing was going to be easy and I’m willing to work past the speed bumps along the way in order to keep my commitment. I just hope Danielle feels the same way, too!”

Married at First Sight airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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