‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Diana Gabaldon Teases Saga’s Ending, Major Revelation

Outlander Season 3 is yet to make its way to the small screen, but author Diana Gabaldon, whose bestselling Outlander books inspired the hit time travel drama, already spoke about how the whole saga will end.

In a Waterstones interview for Facebook Live, the novelist talked about her books and the Starz drama adaptation, whose third season is taking longer to be completed than the previous ones.

Gabaldon’s Outlander stories are yet to officially draw to a close, but she revealed that she already has the conclusion all planned out.

“I know how it ends. I just have no idea how to get there.”

This suggests that there might be a long wait before fans will learn how Claire and Jamie’s riveting story of love, loss, and everything in between wraps up in the Outlander books.

With regards to the show, whose lifespan on television is not as certain as the novels, fans hope that the Outlander drama will also get to the end of the story as told in the source material without getting axed.

So far, there are already eight books in the Outlander series. Gabaldon is already three decades ahead of the adaptation. The author is currently working away on the ninth book, titled Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, all while she keeps an eye on the filming for Season 3.

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Gabaldon revealed to Entertainment Weekly last year that she intends to wrap up the Outlander saga in the 10th book. In fact, she teased what fans can expect in it.

She promised that she will provide an explanation about the scene in the Outlander pilot wherein Frank (Tobias Menzies) saw a ghostly Jamie watching Claire through the window of their inn in Scotland. She is saving this reveal for the final installment of the book series.

“It’ll be the very last thing in the last book, which I think is probably book 10.”

The television counterpart adapts one book per season. Outlander Season 3 is based on the third book, Voyager, which will feature tons of maritime adventures and time apart for star-crossed lovers Jamie and Claire, played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, respectively.

Fans will not have to worry about a renewal since a fourth season has already been confirmed even before Outlander Season 3 took shape. The part of the dog, Rollo, has already been cast.

If the Outlander show maintains a good performance in the ratings and viewership department, it is possible that it will be able to translate every one of the books for television. In fact, Gabaldon has written so much within this universe that there is enough to pull from, even for potential spinoffs.

“They might. I gave [executive producers] Ron Moore and Maril Davis the text of Virgins, which deals with Jamie and Ian’s adventures as young mercenaries before Outlander starts. They did in fact adapt some of the dialogue from that for Episode 11 for the first season.”

However, fans might want to hold their horses for some Outlander spinoff requests at the moment as Gabaldon herself admitted such projects are still way up in the air.

“I don’t know if they would actually do a spinoff series of the novellas because they tend to be shorter than the average novel. The answer is I have no idea.”

One of the characters that fans would like to see in an Outlander spinoff is Lord John Grey, to be played by David Berry in Season 3. Gabaldon has written several novellas about the fan-favorite character enough to sustain a spinoff.

Outlander Season 3 is set to premiere this September on Starz.

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