WWE Rumors: Former Champion In TNA Teases Starting With NXT — Former WWE Diva Talks What Led To Her Release

Over the last year, there has been a lot of movement in and out of WWE, but that is something that will continue as long as the company is around. One former TNA Impact Wrestling champion was said to be heading to WWE last month and now, he is teasing that his debut in NXT is much closer than anyone believed. On the flip side of things, a former WWE Diva is now talking about her release and what she believes may have caused the split.

Just a month ago, Inquistr reported that former TNA TV and TNA World Tag Team Champion Gunner was taking a physical soon for WWE. It was believed that if he passed that physical, he would head to NXT and begin the next stage of his professional wrestling career.

Since then, things have been rather quiet and there hasn’t been a whole lot of information revealed regarding the former TNA star’s status. He announced in the summer of 2015 that he was parting ways with Impact Wrestling and has been performing on the independent circuit since that time, but things may be about to change.

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Wrestling Inc. pointed out a recent tweet from Gunner which stated that he was almost ready to give it all up and retire. Instead of doing that, he is now teasing that he will be heading to NXT very soon and that he’s ready to “takeover.”

WWE fans know that “TakeOver” the name of the NXT shows that are held before major WWE PPVs, but it could simply be a clever play on words by Gunner. The next NXT TakeOver won’t take place until August 19 in the Barclays Center before SummerSlam, but Gunner could still make his brand debut before it is time for that event.

As Gunner and a few others appear to be headed to NXT and WWE, there are those who just can’t survive in Vince McMahon’s company.

Ariane Andrew, formerly known as Cameron in WWE, recently spoke out on her YouTube channel about a number of topics. One of the things she discussed the most was her release from the company in May of last year, which came after going back down to NXT, and then not being seen at all for a period of about two months.

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Cameron talked about breaking into singles competition and wanting to head back to NXT to enhance her in-ring skills which may have cost her. When she was let go from the company, she said it was “shocking,” but she also understood why it happened. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., she hated to go, but won’t forget the experience.

During her time as Cameron, Ariane Andrew was very vocal on social media and there were rumors that her actions may have been part of the reason she was released by WWE. Upon speaking on that situation, she said she still doesn’t know for sure.

“To this day, I still don’t know if it’s partially because when I stirred up all the stuff with [the] IWC. That was one of my tactics, to try and get stuff stirring to potentially have a storyline and I never asked, I never asked. I didn’t want to know, because at that point what was done, was done. I never know to this day if it was that, mixed with everything that was already going on and my position with the company.”

Gunner was a popular star in TNA Impact Wrestling and a multi-time former champion who would fit in NXT quite well. He’d also have some familiar company with Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and a host of other current superstars. In time, he would be called up to the main roster of WWE which simply wasn’t the right fit for Cameron. Her release from the company may have happened for any particular reason, but rumor has it that her fan interaction may have played a part.

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