Lindsay Lohan Returns To The Spotlight At Cannes: ‘This Is Very Overwhelming Here’

Amid a running list of troubles, Lindsay Lohan stepped away from her acting career and her popularity in Hollywood circles to live a simpler life in the U.K. Since making that move, Ms. Lohan has expressed feeling happier and has revealed that she’s living a cleaner lifestyle, but, while that break from the limelight may be just what the doctor ordered, it’s finally time for Lindsay to return to work. Her first step in jumping back into the predatory Hollywood waters was to attend this year’s Cannes Film Festival. While Lindsay may have expressed feeling uncertain about resuming her acting career, her appearance at Cannes drew envious gazes with comparisons being drawn between Lohan and classic Hollywood icon Grace Kelly.

Lindsay Lohan Debuts A New Look At The 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Fans of classic films might have done a double-take at Cannes this weekend, when, as E! News reports, Lindsay Lohan made her debut in the same outfit once worn to another Cannes Film Festival by the Princess of Monaco. Ms. Lohan wore a simple ball gown with a black bodice, which plunged with a deep V-neck, while the skirt, a chiffon white A-line skirt, completed the gown. Lindsay finished off the outfit with a pearl necklace.

Ms. Lohan perfectly embodied the outfit worn by Grace Kelly at the premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 thriller, Rear Window.

Lindsay attended Cannes primarily to attend the amFAR gala. Like many other celebrities, Lohan attended the event in support of The Foundation for AIDS Research, a worthy enough cause to draw Ms. Lohan back to the filmmaking arena. Even so, Lindsay shared her feelings of apprehension in returning to a lifestyle that had previously been the source of so much trouble in her past.

“This is very overwhelming here,” Lohan said. “I haven’t really been around anything having to do with Hollywood in a long time.”

Lindsay Lohan Reluctantly Admits She Misses Hollywood

People reports that Lindsay was openly sharing her feelings about Hollywood while attending the event at Cannes this year. The actress admits she misses the lifestyle and working as an actress, but she’s quick to add that the time away from the harsh spotlight has done her some good.

While breaking from acting and from peer influences that served as a catalyst for many of her troubles, Lindsay discovered that a life dedicated to charity work can be as beneficial to herself as it is to those whom she chooses to help.

“I think there’s a lot of noise that we deal with, so I found a kind of peace in life working with children and helping other people that really interest me,” says Ms. Lohan.

While helping others has brought a new positive spin to Lohan’s life, she’s quick to add that it can be just as hazardous to spend every moment in the service of others.

“I think it’s important for us to recognize that all of this stuff is fun, but you have to take time for you.”

Ms. Lohan had a successful run of films through the early part of the 2000s, but essentially retired from acting in 2013. Meanwhile, her personal life reached an all-time low, when a Santa Monica car crash resulted in Lohan receiving a sentence of court-ordered community service. From there, Lindsay resigned herself to getting clean and removing herself from a lifestyle that was keeping her in a bad place.

Now, Lindsay is re-emerging as a healthier and happier person in both her personal and professional lives. Ms. Lohan just completed filming a new movie, The Shadow Within, a horror thriller from director Tiago Mesquita.

Lindsay Lohan is also working on a draft for a new Mean Girls sequel.

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