Miley Cyrus And Family Gushes Over Liam Hemsworth, As Eiza Gonzalez Opens Up About Their Affair

As Miley Cyrus becomes more open about her romance with Liam Hemsworth and the couple prepares for their big day at the altar, it only makes sense that the bride to be would become doe-eyed over her fiancé. Miley isn’t the only Cyrus singing the praises of the Hunger Games star, however. Miley reveals that her entire family is gushing over Hemsworth, even as one of Liam’s exes, Eiza Gonzalez stirs up past troubles with her remarks on her own past romance with Liam. Whether or not this new tell-all interview will cause Miley Cyrus to sharpen her claws remains to be seen.

Eiza Gonzalez Dishes On Her Affair With Liam Hemsworth

As a Mexican actress with a career focus on telenovelas, People reports that Eiza remained largely unknown to American audiences until she was captured in a photograph getting cuddly with Liam Hemsworth. The photo, taken just one day after the announcement that Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus had split, showed Liam and Ms. Gonzalez making out, stirring hate toward Gonzalez by loyal Cyrus fans.

When asked about the 2013 photo, Eiza declined to talk about it, sharing her feeling that she would prefer to focus on her work in public statements. Gonzalez, who will be starring opposite Kevin Spacey and Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver, says she will never speak about her brief romance with Hemsworth or any of personal relationships.

Eiza Gonzalez is secretive about her past relationship with Liam Hemsworth. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

“I don’t think it’s necessary. I think that your life as a public person is already so exposed. I’m being linked to people because it’s my environment. It’s like your school,” says Ms. Gonzalez. “We don’t know each other. It’s people I surround myself with. I don’t know why it’s such a big thing.”

While Eiza wouldn’t discuss Liam Hemsworth, she did share the heartbreaking experience of her father’s passing. The Mexican actress shared that she has close ties with her family, adding that losing her father sent her to a dark place. Gonzalez said she developed depression, as she tried to cope with the loss.

“I started eating excessively and gained a lot of weight, and I was very sad. I wasn’t in a good place.”

Miley Cyrus And Family Gush Over Liam Hemsworth

It’s always ideal to find someone that meets the expectations of one’s family and, as Refinery 29 reports, that’s just what Miley Cyrus seems to have done. The pop star bared her soul to the world in writing about her love for Hemsworth in her new single, “Malibu,” but, even before that, the Cyrus family had already taken a liking to Liam.

In fact, sources close to Miley have revealed that Hemsworth is already treated as a member of the family, even though the wedding hasn’t yet taken place.

Miley Cyrus isn’t the only one in the family singing Liam Hemsworth’s praises. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Miley isn’t the only one in the family opening up about her deep emotional bond to Liam. The singer’s sister, Brandi Cyrus, also gushed over Liam Hemsworth and his relationship with the “Malibu” singer.

Brandi says she’s proud of the way Miley has turned her life around, and she’s not just talking about facing her drug and alcohol use, though the whole Cyrus family is certainly proud of her for getting clean. Brandi feels that Miley is living healthier by limiting her time on tour and putting greater emphasis on family and home life, all of which can be attributed to the positive influence Liam Hemsworth has had on the pop star.

Tish Cyrus, Miley’s mom, agrees.

“I will say I love Liam,” Tish said. “I’ve known him forever. Absolutely cannot be more obsessed.”

Brandi Cyrus echoed her mother’s thoughts on Mr. Hemsworth, adding that she also loves the Australian actor.

As for Miley, she previously explained that it didn’t make sense to keep her romance with Hemsworth a secret when every dinner date was reported in the tabloids. Instead, Ms. Cyrus feels it’s better to “own it” and share news of her relationship more openly.

“So why not put the power back in my relationship and say, ‘This is how I feel’?” said Miley Cyrus.

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