‘Too Close To Home’ Season 3 Not Official, Could A Cancellation Be On The Horizon In Happy, Alabama?

Too Close to Home is a Tyler Perry original series that has aired two seasons on TLC. When Season 2 ended, fans felt like it was a safe assumption that a Season 3 was in the works. They waited for confirmation that has yet to come, but there was another announcement. The re-runs would be airing on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).

Too Close to Home is set in Happy, Alabama, more specifically around a trailer park in the small town. All of the characters either live in the trailer park or have ties to it. Ana left the trailer park in Happy to go to Washington, D.C., and work in the White House. Ana and the president begin an affair that is exposed when the commander-in-chief has a heart attack during a sexual escapade in the Oval Office. Ana escapes the media and heads back home to Happy, Alabama. Her family is a dysfunctional mess with a lot of secrets, very different from the past she had claimed when she was in Washington, with the political elites.

Each of the two seasons of Too Close to Home have had eight episodes. The first season premiered on August 22, 2016, and TLC wasted no time signing for the second season on September 1, 2016. TLC seemed excited about their first original series and their instincts proved right. Each week the ratings climbed, until the 14th episode of the series, when only 17 million viewers tuned in for Episode 6 of Season 2.

There has been lots of talk on social media about Too Close to Home. While there is a very big fanbase for the show, there are some negative comments as well. Many have complained about the acting abilities of some of the cast. Some have gone so far as to express surprise that Tyler Perry would put out a show with the limitations this cast seem to have. Of course, many fans just don’t agree. They love the soap opera feel of the show and how intertwined the characters’ lives seem to be.

The cast members of Too Close to Home are all very involved with fans. They talk to fan group members on social media through posts and they also go live for questions. Before each show would air in Season 2, some of the cast would post for about a half hour prior to the show, then live tweet during the show. Many fans became even more loyal to Too Close to Home after getting to know the person playing the character.

According to TV Series Finale, as of today, there is still no word on the future of Too Close to Home. While fans will be disappointed there isn’t a renewal, at least there is a glimmer of hope as long as a cancellation isn’t announced. Too Close to Home fans can continue to hope.

Fans of Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home do have an option to get their Happy, Alabama, fix. As mentioned, OWN has begun airing the re-runs from Season 2. That move had caused even more speculation with fans on social media. Some are expecting OWN to sign for a Season 3 of Too Close to Home. Tyler Perry has an existing working relationship with the network, and if TLC passes on the show, it needs a home.

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