‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2, Episode 10, Preview: A Ymir Flashback, And The Beginning Of The End

Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 10, could be much like this week’s episode, filled with content, revelations, and the occasional intense action sequence. While this might be a bit disappointing for some viewers, Episode 10 might very well be the episode to kick off the final sequence of Attack on Titan Season 2, where things would go no less than insane.

Warning: Spoilers below

The brief teaser for AoT Season 2, Episode 10, “Children,” opened with Reiner seemingly restraining Eren. The two Shifters have already been at each other’s throats since Episode 9, when Eren finally confronted Reiner about his actions and his betrayal, as stated in an Inverse report. Interestingly, the pair’s fiery conversation was the first time that Eren and Reiner actually talked about what transpired, instead of just beating each other up in their Titan forms. As shown in the preview, the tension between the two Titan Shifters would reach a boiling point, with Reiner physically restraining Eren.

While Reiner and Bertholdt seemed to have the upper hand, however, the teaser also depicted the Survey Corps closing in on the four Shifters. With this, the two betrayers would need to pull out all stops in order to avoid following the same fate as their colleague and ally, Annie, who was captured by the Survey Corps at the end of Season 1 after she was defeated at the hands of a berserk Eren and an incredibly calm Mikasa.

From what could be seen in the Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 10, preview, however, the Survey Corps would indeed catch up to the four Shifters, and things would immediately go south from there. With the Scouting Regiment closing in, Reiner and Bertholdt would have no choice but to escape using the 3D Maneuver Gear that they acquired during their escape. With the entire Survey Corps, led by no other than Erwin Smith himself, at their heels, however, the fearsome Armored Titan and the Colossal Titans would have a huge problem on their hands.

The actual flow of the episode has not been revealed in the teaser, though it briefly showed Ymir’s Dancing Titan up on a tree, with Connie speaking to her. From this brief moment, it seemed that the Titan Shifter would have a crisis of loyalty, as she would be torn between joining Reiner and Bertholdt, or going back to the Scouting Legion, where she could be reunited with Historia. In the Episode 10 teaser, Connie appeared to be pleading with her, possibly dissuading her from defecting to Reiner and Bertholdt’s side. Despite this, it seems that Ymir would come up with a plan of her own, which she would form after some much-needed introspection.

While the brief Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 10, preview seemed to indicate that next week’s episode would be lacking in action, there is a good chance that it would be the final build-up for the season’s finale, which would see the Scouting Legion go for the second round of battles against Reiner and Bertholdt. A scene in the Episode 10 teaser already showed Reiner about to transform, which all but confirmed that all the iconic moments of Eren’s retrieval and the discovery of the Coordinate would be transpiring within the next few weeks.

Fans of Attack on Titan who have been disappointed with the lack of action in Episode 9 would best prepare themselves for yet another build-up episode in “Children” next week. Despite this, viewers and avid fans of the critically-acclaimed anime series should also prepare themselves for a lot of action and heartbreaking revelations. Revelations which, as proven in the progression of the franchise’s source material, would change everything about the world of Attack on Titan.


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