Barbara Says, ‘Jenelle Evans Is Putting Her Own Happiness Ahead Of Jace’s’

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have been in a bitter custody feud for the past few years, and it got even nastier when Jenelle was refused full custodianship of her son during a mediation hearing earlier this week. Both parties have gone to the press about the other since the meeting ended.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 are extremely divided on the issue. Jenelle Evans asserts that her mom has been “keeping Jace from her” and has previously stated that her mother would not allow her to see her own son on Mother’s Day.

The young mother of three turned over her eldest son to her own mother, Barbara, not long after birth due to the fact that she wasn’t ready to raise him properly. Jenelle Evans partied hard for several years and has been addicted to drugs in addition to being arrested numerous times for drug-related crimes. However, she maintains that she is now ready to raise Jace since she has settled down with fiance David Eason, and because she lives a clean and sober life now.

Many fans have accused Barbara of using Jace as a pawn in the the fractured relationship between the pair, but she recently interviewed with Us Weekly to set the record straight.

“I just want people to know that I’m not trying to keep Jace away from my daughter. I have to protect him from certain situations. I don’t hate my daughter. All of this was because I love Jace. Jace has a great life at my house: He’s going to school — he finishes in a couple weeks — he has friends now, he’s in Boy Scouts and he’s going to summer camp! He’s so excited for that,” Barbara revealed.

In the wake of the mediation, Barbara has stated that she is glad there wasn’t a full-blown trial, as she feels as though it wouldn’t have gone well for Jenelle Evans. At least now the pair have a proper custody schedule and Jenelle has court-ordered visitation with her son, meaning she no longer needs Barbara’s permission to come pick him up on the days when she is supposed to spend time with her. While this may not have been the outcome that Jenelle wanted, at least it is a step in the right direction.

Barbara also got candid about her relationship with her daughter.

“It’s very, very strained right now, as it usually is. She hates me. I think as time goes on, it will get better between us. I have to believe that because she’s my daughter. I’m not sure why Jenelle doesn’t see that I have the best home to raise Jace in. … I do not think Jenelle is putting Jace’s well-being before her happiness. Of course she wants Jace to live with her, but she isn’t thinking that my house may be a better place, especially while she’s with David.”

Previously, Jenelle Evans has threatened not to film scenes during Teen Mom 2 if her mom was there and has been seen asking MTV to cut down on her mom’s camera time. Due to some of Jenelle’s antics, as well as the other mothers wanting to be more private, the network brought on a fifth mom, Briana DeJesus, who originally appeared in the flopped series Teen Mom 3.

Barbara is also not a fan of Jenelle Evans’ fiance, David, and revealed that his family is all on Jenelle’s side.

Jenelle Evans has stated, in a now-deleted Twitter rant, that she will seek full custody of her son once the arrangement has been in place for a while. She still hopes to get him back to her house permanently.

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