Paris Jackson Confused For Homeless Person On Set

Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s daughter, has been more visible lately as she launches her career in Hollywood, but this time she was mistaken for a homeless person! She was waiting to get her hair and makeup done when a production assistant asked her to leave because he thought she was homeless and just lounging about the set.

Paris wasn’t even looking particularly rough. Jackson was not wearing makeup though so Paris may not have been as recognizable as she normally would be. Usually, when Paris is seen by people, she has a full face of makeup and her hair done because Paris Jackson is starting a career as a model and actress.

Paris Jackson went to her Twitter account to voice her annoyance and surprise at the interaction. Paris tweeted, “one of the first people on set, sitting in the parking lot and this dude comes up to me and says homeless people aren’t allowed in this area.”

Cinema Blended noted that it would be easy to see Paris writing that tweet while she rolled her eyes and shook her head. After all, she is the heiress to the Michael Jackson estate and owns several house, so Paris is really as far from homeless as you can possibly get.

According to Cinema Blend, Paris posted again with a picture that showed what she was wearing at the time. It was just a simple graphic T-shirt and green pants. The image has since been deleted.

Paris Jackson explained why she was there to the production assistant. Jackson told him she was waiting for hair and makeup. Paris tried to keep the conversation going and wanted to know why he assumed that she was homeless. Paris Jackson did not reveal what his response was, if any.

There have been several reports about Paris Jackson being mistaken for a homeless person, but no one seems to be clear exactly where she was. Some say Paris was doing a photo shoot while other sources have reported that Paris was on the set of Gringo, her first film.

It’s hard to believe anyone could think Paris Jackson was homeless when you see her like this [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Paris Jackson has never been in a movie before but she was in the television show Star. She was in one episode and it was a brief appearance.

Gringo is a new movie that is being directed by Australian Nash Edgerton. The movie has some big names in it including Amanda Seyfried, Thandi Newton, Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, and of course, Paris Jackson.

Paris Jackson recently signed a deal to be the newest model for Calvin Klein, too. Soon, you will see Jackson’s face in magazines and in various other places. It is no wonder that people are starting to call Paris “Hollywood’s new It girl.”

If you had to describe Paris Jackson’s style, it would likely be most appropriately called “low key.” She tends to favor casual clothing, like jeans and T-shirts. Rarely does Paris go out in expensive, name-brand clothing that draws a lot of attention. Jackson has a bohemian style that is low maintenance.

This is what Paris Jackson wore to the GLAAD Awards yet someone on set thought she was homeless [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

Of course, Paris Jackson can get glammed up when she needs to. When she went to the Grammys this year, she wore an attractive wrap around her dress that exposed the sides of Paris’ midriff. It was dark with hints of colors throughout. But she kept it casual with a loose up-do that gave her look an almost beachy feel. At the GLAAD Awards, Paris Jackson wore a Yanina couture gown that got a lot of attention. It was sheer at the top with an embroidered rainbow of colors on the front. The bottom of the dress fell to the floor in layers to the ground. The only thing Paris wore underneath all the sheer layers was a pair of white boy cut shorts.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

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