Roger Moore Remembered By Bond Girls Jane Seymour And Tanya Roberts

Roger Moore was a much celebrated actor, so it’s not surprising that millions of fans are mourning his recent passing. Among those saddened by Moore’s passing are his James Bond co-stars with many in the long-running franchise expressing their grief over Roger’s death. While the James Bond franchise has lost one of its most memorable 007 agents, the actor’s co-stars feel the loss on a much more personal level. Two Bond girls, Tanya Roberts and Jane Seymour, are now opening up about their experiences in working with Roger Moore and how knowing the James Bond star changed their lives.

A View To A Kill Introduced Tanya Roberts To The Roger Moore Few People Really Knew

In a Mirror interview, Tanya Roberts reveals that her big break came when she was cast opposite Roger Moore in the 1985 spy thriller, A View to a Kill, but adds that meeting the James Bond actor was just as thrilling as getting cast in the blockbuster. She recalls meeting Moore and discovering that he didn’t let the fame go to his head.

Roberts adds that the James Bond star had a passion for charity work, which he discussed with Tanya and pursued in his personal life.

On the set of ‘A View to a Kill,’ Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts pose for a group photo with Irish actress Alison Doody and British actress Fiona Fullerton. [Image by Fox Photos/Getty Images]

In A View to a Kill, Roberts played Stacey Sutton, and as a classic Bond girl, she played a part in James’ plot to help save the world, but Ms. Roberts says Roger’s charity work made him a real life hero.

“Roger was the best James Bond ever,” says Ms. Roberts. “But I think his charity work for UNICEF was his best role. The way he threw himself into charity work was really incredible.”

The 61-year-old actress adds that there aren’t many celebrities who choose to pursue charity throughout their careers with as much devotion as Roger Moore had done.

On a side note, Tanya Roberts adds that Moore was as polite and kind as he was passionate about giving back to society.

Roger Moore Took A Young Jane Seymour Under His Wing On The Live And Let Die Set

Much like Tanya Roberts’ experience, becoming a Bond Girl helped to launch Jane Seymour’s career in 1973’s Live and Let Die, but as Seymour told People, she was more than a little nervous about her first big break. Jane adds that Roger recognized her uneasiness and took her under his wing, recognizing that they were each coming to Live and Let Die under similar circumstances.

For Seymour, she was relatively new to acting altogether, with only a few credits to her name at that point in her budding career. For Moore, he was debuting his James Bond alter ego in Live and Let Die for the first time. Jane recalls that they bonded, because they each had good reason to be nervous and fearful of failing in the legendary franchise.

“It was his first Bond, no one could conceive of anyone being able to do what Sean [Connery] had done,” says Ms. Seymour. “So I can only imagine how hard it was for him, the pressure. But he took time out to be there for me as well.”

Jane Seymour recalls working with Roger Moore. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

After they finished filming Live and Let Die, Seymour says that she fell out of touch with Moore, though they did reconnect a number of times through the intervening years. Jane reveals that she met up with Roger not too long before his passing and says his illness afforded them an opportunity to share a private visit together.

“It was just him and his wife and my boyfriend David and we sat around for a good 40 minutes or so reminiscing and taking photographs together,” Jane Seymour recalls of her final visit with the James Bond actor. “I have all these photographs of us laughing and giggling together and it was really lovely.”

Roger Moore passed away at 89 in Switzerland on Tuesday.

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