Jinger Duggar Fans Think She’s Pregnant After Spotting ‘Baby Bump’ In Wedding Video

Jinger Duggar didn’t wear pants to Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding, but fans have still been buzzing about the Counting On star’s attire. They believe that a baby bump is visible underneath Jinger’s blue bridesmaid dress, so speculation that she’s pregnant is running rampant once again.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo attended Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding on Friday evening, and it was only a matter of time before they were accosted by a Duggar with a camera asking them to film their obligatory message of congratulations for the bride and groom. Jeremy shared the short video of his and his wife’s well wishes for the newlyweds on his Facebook page.

“Congratulations, Joy and Austin. We are super excited for you guys,” says Jinger in the video. “It’s really hard to believe that this day is here. I know, Joy, just seeing you grow up and mature into a godly young woman, and now seeing your love for Austin, we are so excited for you guys.”

“Yeah, we love you guys. We’re excited to celebrate with you, and this is an incredible journey you are beginning,” Jeremy adds. “We wish you all the best. We’ll be praying for you, and enjoy yourselves. We love you guys.”

In the video, Jinger Duggar is wearing a modest dark blue dress with three-quarter length sleeves. Her older sisters, Jessa and Jill, are wearing similar dresses in the videos of their “sweet messages” for the newlyweds that were posted on the Duggar family’s website, so it’s likely that the three sisters were Joy-Anna’s bridesmaids. However, Jinger’s fans aren’t talking about the simple, yet sophisticated design of the gown that Joy-Anna chose for her to wear; they’re focused on what they think they see beneath its loose-fitting fabric.

“Definitely see a bump,” wrote one fan on Jeremy Vuolo’s Facebook page. “But she could’ve done a close up if she wanted to hide it. Maybe they are teasing us and slowly revealing she’s pregnant. Love this family!!”

“I think she’s pregnant,” another commented. “We’re gonna find out on June 12th for sure.”

According to Us Weekly, June 12 is the date that Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding special will air on TLC. The big event will kick off the new season of Counting On, and a promo for the show teases that Jinger Duggar may address all the buzz about her pregnancy plans at some point during the season. As People reports, Jinger’s sisters attempt to find out whether she’s pregnant in the Counting On teaser.

“So are you pregnant?” Jill asks her younger sibling during a video chat session.

However, the video teaser keeps everyone in suspense because Jinger Duggar doesn’t initially answer her sister with a yes or a no. She seems taken off-guard by the question and responds with a surprised “Huh?”

Unfortunately for Jinger, the grilling continues.

“Have you taken a test? I asked a question,” Joy-Anna says.


Jinger’s verbal response to that query isn’t featured in the Counting On promo, but she is shown looking a bit uncomfortable and overwhelmed by her sisters’ interrogation. According to Jessa, she begged her siblings not to pester Jinger with pregnancy questions, but they clearly didn’t listen. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessa has said that she didn’t like people asking her if she was expecting when she was not pregnant. Some fans agree that this is in bad taste.

“Hope you guys are right that she’s pregnant. I wouldn’t want to be told I look pregnant and I’m actually not,” wrote one of Jeremy Vuolo’s Facebook followers.

The Duggars often use big announcements as promotional tools, as evidenced by Jessa Duggar announcing her first pregnancy the same day that her 19 Kids and Counting honeymoon episode aired. If Jinger Duggar reveals that she’s pregnant ahead of the summer season premiere of Counting On, the announcement would serve as an excellent reminder for fans to tune in to the show.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]

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