WWE Spoilers: Former Brothers In The Shield Battle, Huge Triple Threat In ‘Extreme Rules’ Build-Up On ‘Raw’

In a little over one week, WWE will present Extreme Rules which is the one pay-per-view (PPV) event of the year where over-the-top is required. Headlined by a Fatal 5-Way Match to determine the number one contender to Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title, there are some worries in the company, and it could bring about some changes. This week’s Monday Night Raw has some really big matches for the go-home show to the PPV, and it needs to work.

The official website of WWE has released the preview for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and it is looking as if it is a stacked show. Quite honestly, the company needs a big-time show right now more than ever as the ratings are continuing to plummet and it doesn’t look good.

Finn Balor faces two diabolical Superstars in a Triple Threat Match

The main event at Extreme Rules will have Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe in a match where anything goes. Five of the biggest stars on the Raw roster will battle it out for a chance to fight Brock Lesnar, but this week, Team Red will implode as that main event is split into two matches.

While the other will likely be the main event, the Triple Threat Match is what more fans will want to see. Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt will likely try to overpower and double-team their opponent, but Finn Balor backs down from no challenge.

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Roman Reigns faces his former Shield “brother”

Even though they have partnered together in recent weeks, the former brothers in The Shield will have to wage war on Raw. Yes, they will battle it out at Extreme Rules, but this is them and them alone in a one-on-one fight to see which was the bigger dog in the yard.

Who attacked Enzo Amore?

Someone attacking Enzo Amore appears to be a running trend in the last year, and his mouth just keeps on getting him in trouble. Last week, he was violently attacked backstage, and General Manager Kurt Angle wants a full-on investigation to find out who the culprit or culprits are.

It appears this could lead to the next feud for Enzo Amore and Big Cass, but it sure is an interesting method of building new programs for the tag team.

The Hardy Boyz get cagey

Many thought that the next chapter in the saga of the Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus and Cesaro would be a Ladder Match, but nope, they will all step into the cage. At Extreme Rules, the four men will battle over the Raw Tag Team Titles inside the confines of the cage, and it is going to get ugly.

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The new attitudes of Sheamus and Cesaro have them looking out for them and only them as they aim to take back the titles they lost a while back. Matt and Jeff Hardy have a lot riding on the line even though this PPV seems to be right up the alley of Team Extreme.

Can Bayley go to the Extreme against Alexa Bliss?

Alexa Bliss has shown her dominance across all brands as she has captured the Women’s Championships for both SmackDown Live and Raw. The thing is, she doesn’t care whom she has to hurt to get there and that includes Mickie James, her former friend.

It will be interesting to see if the sweet and lovable Bayley can stoop to Bliss’ level and use that Kendo Stick if she gets it in her hands.

This week’s episode of Raw needs to be big, and WWE needs it to be a good one as things are not looking good for the company right now. As reported by Wrestling Inc., the May 22 episode was a new ratings low for Raw in 2017 as it was down five percent from the last week and drew an average of just 2.615 million viewers over three hours.

With ratings falling for both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, WWE needs to find a way to breathe new life into their product. They may be able to do that with Extreme Rules if the matches live up to the hype and if the fans are thrilled with the build-up this week. Former brothers in The Shield battling it out and a huge Triple Threat may do it, but the rest of the show needs to fill in the gaps in a big way.

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