‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Soldier And The Warrior, ‘ATOT’ Episode 34

Attack on Titan Episode 34, Opening, starts with Mikasa, Armin, and the others including Conny, Erwin, Christa (now known as Historia), Sasha, Jean, and Hannes ride with other Scouts. Erwin tells the riders to spread out into the formation. They split off. Mikasa thinks about Eren. Back at the wall, Hanji tries to get up. She wants to go to Ragako and talk to the Titan that can’t move. She has a hunch. She’s warned she’s too injured to ride. Her flunky says he’ll go for her. She passes out again. Attack on Titan, Season 2, Episode 9 gets intense.

Reiner Has Erin and Ymir Trapped

In the trees, Reiner is human again and sees Eren and Ymir are awake. Eren’s arms are stubs, and he’s horrified. Ymir is missing an arm and a leg. Reiner tells Eren he accidentally took his arms off when he bit his nape. Eren is upset he lost and goes to bite his arm. Ymir stops him saying they’re in the forest in Wall Maria, not close to the walls. Titans lurk nearby. She says they’re deep in Titan territory and points at an abnormal staring, some smaller Titans and another large one lurking behind a tree.

Ymir points out Bertholdt and Reiner have maneuver gear and says they can’t fight them. She says don’t act up because they can’t escape even with Titan powers. Reiner tells Eren he can’t turn because he’s healing. Ymir and Eren’s torn limbs steam. Eren tells Reiner he can’t trust him. Ymir admits ignorance of Titan powers and asks what Reiner has planned. Reiner says they’ll go to his hometown. He says they could beat them since they’re weak and let other Titans eat them if they try anything.

Reiner adds they must wait for nightfall when the other Titans can’t move. Ymir wonders why he didn’t stay armored and run home. Reiner tells her to use her imagination. Eren thinks about escaping and wonders if he really can’t transform. Eren doubts they’ll wait until night when he and Ymir are fully healed. Eren decides he can’t wait and do nothing then worries about the Scouts and is certain they’re giving chase. He doesn’t want them harmed.

ATOT spoilers for this episode from Racing Junky promise Eren has no patience for his captors. Eren decides Ymir isn’t like him because she knew she could turn Titan. He also wonders whose side she’s on and wants more info from the guys. The screen note on Titan Regeneration says a human with Titan powers can heal given enough time, even if it loses limbs and internal organs.

Mikasa and Armin ride with Hannes [Image by Hajime Isayama]

Scout Regiment Rides Hard to Save Eren

The Scouts spot a Titan and send up flares. Erwin says to ride on and ignore the Titan. Mikasa rides ahead, and Hannes tells her to keep to the formation and reminds her Eren will never give up. Mikasa has a flashback to the old days when she helped Eren in his unwinnable fights.

Ymir asks Reiner for water, and he says there is none. She says this situation is crappy. Reiner complains that they’ve had no food or rest while they tried to figure out if the wall was breached then rambles on about them all getting promotions. Ymir and Eren are stunned. Reiner also says Christa might have a thing for him. Eren calls him a bastard.

Bertholdt reminds Reiner he’s a warrior, not a soldier. Reiner’s eyes go wide, and he has a flashback to the battle within the wall when Marco was eaten. Reiner drops his head into his hands upset. Ymir says Reiner sees himself as a soldier sometimes and also as a warrior (i.e. Titan). Ymir thinks about him risking his life to save Conny and says he’s a contradiction.

Ymir theorizes that he came to break the wall, but as a soldier, he forgot that side of him. She says his heart is split and memories are broken. Reiner screams at Ymir to shut up. She says sorry. Eren rages at Bertholdt. Eren reminds Bertholdt that he got his mother killed by destroying their house then asks bitterly what he thought when Eren told him that story. Bertholdt says he felt sorry for Eren.

Eren Calls Reiner and Bertholdt Murderers

Eren says Bertholdt and Reiner are psychotic mass murderers who killed innocent people. Reiner tells him to shut it, but Eren won’t stop. He says they aren’t human and turned the world into a living hell. Reiner is furious. Eren says he’ll make sure they suffer and die in the worst possible way and says they deserve that.

Ymir tells Eren he’s being childish and asks Reiner about the monkey Titan. Reiner plays dumb. Ymir says they were staring at it with admiration. Eren is clueless about the Beast Titan. She says it made the Titans rise up and fears Reiner and Bertholdt are taking them to the monkey.

Eren demands she tell him more, but she says killing those two won’t end anything. Eren asks who’s the enemy. Ymir starts to tell him, but Reiner interrupts and says Ymir can join his side. Reiner knows she wants to protect Christa and says he wants that too.

Reiner advises Ymir to put her hope in them instead of Eren. Reiner asks if it’s her life or Christa’s future and tells her to decide. Eren wonders about the monkey revelation and the fate of the world. He asks Ymir again who’s the enemy. She says who knows and it seems like she’s on Reiner’s side now. Bertholdt hops down beside Reiner, and they all see green Scout flares in the distance. They know the Scouts are near. Eren curses Ymir and says sunset is almost there.

On the preview for next time, sunset approaches as does the Scout Regiment. Ymir and Eren plot to steal the maneuver gear from Bertholdt and Reiner and escape. Instead, Ymir turns Titan because she has her own plan. We’ll learn the fate of the Scout Regiment as they take on the Armored and Colossal Titans on the Season 2, Episode 10 of Attack on Titan.


[Featured Image by Hajime Isayama]

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