Kim Kardashian Reportedly Jealous Of Kourtney’s Hot Body: Steal Her Bikini Diet & Fitness Secrets!

Kim Kardashian is the type of celebrity accustomed to having others try to copy her (that perfect hair, the hourglass body, and designer-chic styles), but now she’s reportedly so jealous of her sister Kourtney Kardashian that Kim is working out twice a day to keep up with Kourtney’s bikini body. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians sisters reportedly have always been rivals. However, now that Kourtney has been busy taking her diet and fitness to a new level, even showing off her stunning bikini body in some nearly nude photos on Instagram, Kim reportedly is exercising intensely in a sister showdown.

“Kim Kardashian is green with envy over her sister’s bangin’ bikini bod,” claimed Hollywood Life on May 26.

But is Kim planning to sit back and watch Kourtney steal the spotlight? Not according to what an insider told the publication.

“Kim’s extremely jealous of Kourtney’s bikini body.”

As a result of that alleged jealousy, the source said that Kardashian has decided to go on the attack, crafting a “game plan” to turn the spotlight back to her and her own impressive curves. The insider pointed out that Kim and Kourtney grew up as rivals.

“She and Kourtney have always been this way,” added the source. “When they were kids they would compete over every little thing and not much has changed.”

That old-school sibling rivalry hasn’t stopped Kim from being “proud” of Kourtney, but the insider also explained that Kardashian still views their bodies like a competition.

“[Kim is] proud of [Kourtney], but she still can’t help feel like she’s losing some sort of competition.”

But Kim’s feelings reportedly involve more than envy of her 38-year-old sister, who has maintained her bikini body after having three kids. The insider also revealed that Kardashian, 36, still is recovering from the harsh body-shaming backlash she received last month from photos on her girls’ trip.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian reportedly have been rivals since they were children. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

“Kim is still struggling with what happened on their girls trip, the body shaming she got was horrific and she still hasn’t totally recovered,” added the source.

The result of reportedly envying her sister, combined with the body-shaming, has caused Kardashian to head for the gym, where she’s using her feelings as “motivation,” according to the insider, who shared that she has two different trainers, Gunnar and Don.

“She’s back training hard with Gunnar and…Don too,” said the source. “She’s very motivated, she wants to get in better shape than Kourtney.”

Kim Kardashian reportedly races with Kourtney Kardashian for the best bikini body. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

As for how Kourtney achieved that bodacious bikini body, People magazine served up all of Kardashian’s diet and fitness secrets on May 26. From her super-clean diet to her booty-building exercises, the 38-year-old is dedicated to sculpting her perfect curves.

When it comes to fitness, Kardashian focuses on her glutes. Her butt-toning exercises involve leg kick-backs with a resistance band, along with squats weighted by a sandbag or kettle bell.

If you agree with Kim that her older sister’s body is the one to envy, it’s time to give up sugar. The mom of three has revealed that she links cellulite to foods with sugar.

“When I eat sugar, I find that more cellulite appears.”

In addition to saying farewell to soda, Kardashian is wary of hidden sources of sugar. For example, she even whips up her own salad dressings at home and has memorized which alcoholic beverages contain the least amount of sugar.

“When I do drink, I go for either tequila on the rocks, beer or wine,” explained the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. “If you’re cutting down on sugar, it’s good to know that rosé wine usually has less sugar than red or white.”

What do dairy, corn, and gluten have in common? They’re all items that Kardashian has eliminated from her diet. She’s gone one step further by implementing a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for her children (Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2) as well as herself.

“I kept battling with myself back and forth — like, why am I doing this diet?” admitted Kourtney.

But she revealed that the benefits in her children are noticeable.

“I have noticed a great positive change in behavior with my children when we stick to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.”

And although Kardashian said that she has “always felt fine before when eating dairy and gluten,” she also emphasized that she feels better when she cuts out those items.

“I do believe that we have one life to live and I would like to live it feeling my best,” summed up the mom of three. “I don’t think everyone needs to eat this way but we had muscle testing done, which showed we all have sensitivities to corn, gluten and dairy.”

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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