‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Hints: Here’s The Tip You Need To Kill Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th: The Game is finally out, and gamers looking for some hints on how to kill Jason Voorhees are in luck, with an early tip for already hitting the internet on exactly how to do him in.

The game that launched on Friday requires gamers to escape the camp and elude the deadly grips of Jason, who like in the movie series is nearly impossible to kill. But killing Jason certainly can be done, and one gamer spelled out exactly how.

So, how do you kill Jason Voorhees on Friday the 13th: The Game?

A YouTube gamer named Kephrii figured out in a private match a very complicated sequence that ended up with Jason being killed. Granted, he was able to do so against a pretty much incapacitated Jason, but Kephrii said it could now be replicated in a live game.

“The reason Jason isn’t moving is because we are in a Private Match and a friend is assisting,” he noted in the video’s description. “Up until now nobody has been able to figure out how to kill Jason (In Public or Private Matches / Standing Still or Not). Now that we have figured out how to kill him, we can try and do it in a live game! There are many small things that you have to figure out to do this and we spent hours theory crafting and researching them.”

Kephrii laid out the exact process for killing Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: The Game.

“Step 1. A Female Counselor retrieves the sweater from Jason’s mother’s shrine.
Step 2. Remove Jason’s Mask via face pummeling.
Step 3. Have Tommy Jarvis pick up the Mask.
Step 4. Female Counselor presses Q in Proximity of Jason.
Step 5. Female Counselor hits Jason (Ideally a Headshot).
Step 6. Jason falls to knees and Tommy presses E. Enjoy!”

For those who want to see the Friday the 13th: The Game hint in action, the full video can be found below.

Of course, in order to put the Friday the 13th: The Game tips into action, you’ve got to actually be able to play the game. And on launch day, that was a big difficulty for many of those playing on PC.

The game had some massive issues with its server on the first day, prompting many to take to social media to complain. Publisher Gun Media even addressed the problems on the game’s Kickstarter page and offered a solution to those having difficulty playing.

“We are currently being slammed by thousands and thousands of players and had our servers go down. The servers should be back up, but there is a chance of downtime as we manage server load and spin up more servers to meet demand. If you encounter a server error, please try playing a Private Match with friends. If you need to find players please head over to the Steam forums to get together with other Friday the 13th: The Game fans.”

There were a number of other issues, including some PS4 codes showing up as “inactive” and some Xbox digital codes not delivered. Gun Media noted that these and other small glitches were resolved or in the process of being resolved quickly.

But back to the tips. Many gamers were wondering just how difficult it would be to actually kill Jason Voorhees in a live game of Friday the 13th: The Game. As PC Gamer notes, actually pulling off this sequence during a live game would be “heroic.” But at least Kephrii proved that it is possible to kill Jason Voorhees, and now more tips can hit the internet with some possibly easier and more manageable methods to do it.

[Featured Image by Gun Media]

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