‘Baywatch’ After-Credits Scene: Star From The Original 90’s Show Makes Surprise Cameo After The Credits

Those who see Baywatch this Memorial Day weekend should stay in their seats for an after-credits scene that keeps the comedy going after the movie ends, including an appearance from one of the stars of the original series.

The remake of the campy 1990s television show is expected to pull in a big holiday weekend crowd, and those heading out to see Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron take on the waves will want to know if there’s a scene after the credits to keep them in the theater a little longer.

[Warning: There are some light Baywatch spoilers ahead.]

It turns out there are two surprises, in fact. As Bustle reported, Baywatch has a couple of hilarious scenes for viewers who stay all the way until the end of the credits. The first is a blooper reel packed with more comedy, and then another big surprise once that’s over with a cameo from original Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.

There will likely be a big crowd looking for an after-credits scene in Baywatch on the first movie weekend of the (unofficial) summer season. The movie is expected to bring in somewhere between $30 million and $40 million on the opening weekend, squeezing in behind Pirates of the Caribbean 5 for second place and likely pushing Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 into third place.

Though Baywatch has garnered only mixed reviews, Entertainment Weekly noted that it is getting a big push from Paramount and has some good indicators heading into its opening weekend.

“Wednesday previews for the film, which is now playing at 3,647 locations as a means for Paramount to get a jump start on Disney’s Pirates juggernaut, brought in a soft $1.3 million, comparable to such titles as We’re the Millers ($26.4 million opening) and Let’s Be Cops($17.8 million opening), which bowed to $1.7 million and $1.2 million in the middle of the week in 2013 and 2014, respectively.”

“With a likable cast including Johnson, Zac Efron, and Priyanka Chopra guiding the way and a robust marketing campaign driving social media traffic (according to Box Office Pro, the film has seen more Facebook activity than 21 Jump Street and Central Intelligence), Baywatch is poised to make waves in the days ahead, perhaps in excess of $30 million.”

The movie could also get pushed by some good word-of-mouth, which the social media traffic would seem to indicate.

One thing that the Baywatch after-credits scene also gives is a glimpse of a sequel, which is most definitely happening.

“But the most important thing about the post-credits scene is that it might give clues about the future of Baywatch,” Bustle noted. “After Hasselhoff asks why Johnson gets to be Mitch, Johnson invites him back for the sequel. Might Baywatch 2 be on the horizon? Nothing official has been announced about a possible franchise, but if Baywatch becomes the blockbuster it was clearly intended to be, then chances are good.”

Producer Beau Flynn also gave some clues about what will be in the sequel, noting that it’s already in the early production stages.

Flynn noted that all of the stars from this first installment appear to be on board with a sequel.

“We have an amazing story already,” Flynn told Variety. “We’re bringing back Shannon and Swift who wrote on the first one, and I know Dwayne would be in, I know Zac and all the girls would be. We just have this really cool idea to put them in this whole new world. We would take it overseas.”

So those who head out to see Baywatch this weekend, remember to stay in your seats for the after-credits scene and a throwback to the original Baywatch series.

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