‘The Sims 4’ Pets DLC: New Leak Shows Expansion Is In The Works, Features Teased In Game Files

Although the focus in The Sims 4 scene is currently on the highly-anticipated Parenthood Game Pack, there is talk on the grapevine regarding another much-awaited downloadable content (DLC) for the game.

The Sims community has been hearing about the purported Pets DLC for a while now. Maxis and Electronic Arts are not ready to make it official just yet, but they appear to have been working away on it.

New details have emerged about this purported The Sims 4: Pets expansion. Sims Community found information pointing to the DLC’s existence on the LinkedIn profile of an Electronic Arts animator named Dennis Lai.

According to the website, he is primarily connected to The Sims franchise. He listed on his resume that he has been part of EA since August last year, enumerating experience with animating “quadrupeds, toddlers and human characters.”

Lai seems to have taken part in the animation process for the toddlers update, which is the biggest one that The Sims 4 has received to date. The mention of quadrupeds, however, suggests he also had a hand (or still has) in the animation of four-legged animals in the game.

Lai also indicated that he is still working with EA on the animation types that he mentioned, which could mean that he is actively animating The Sims 4: Pets DLC. However, animation work might have started around August last year, as per the above-mentioned publication.

A screenshot of the horses from ‘The Sims 3: Pets.’ [Image by Electronic Arts and Maxis]

Sims Community believes that he is part of the team working on the Pets DLC that many gamers have been waiting to see. As revealed in previous leaks, this The Sims 4 expansion will include dogs, cats, and possibly horses.

Other than the possible existence of the DLC, there is not much to take away from the leak. Either way, this adds weight to the reports that pets are coming to The Sims 4, and they could arrive sooner rather than later.

Prior to this, the latest information dug up involving the Pets DLC was courtesy of community modder TwistedMexi, who found code (shared by Sims VIP) that points to cats and dogs being able to walk on surfaces like counters, bars, tables, beds, and even the fridge in The Sims 4 expansion.

The rest of the codes the source found point to the idea that cats and dogs will be the focus of The Sims 4: Pets and that the horses may not be included. The hooved mammal was referenced in the earliest wave of codes of the DLC discovered in the game, but the ones that followed no longer showed any sign of the animal.

Back in February, Sims 4 Studio, a fan-made program that allows The Sims 4 players to paint objects and Create-A-Sim assets a new color, listed via Sims Community, the various body parts that gamers could customize in Create-A-Pet, which included ears, tail, fur ears, fur tail, and fur body.

A screenshot from ‘The Sims 4: Parenthood Game Pack.’ [Image by Electronic Arts and Maxis]

This not only suggests a Pets DLC on the way, but it also goes to show that Maxis and EA have been working on this expansion for quite a while now. However, it looks like fans may not hear about it for a while.

The studios are gearing up for the big release of The Sims 4: Parenthood Game Pack on May 30. The DLC will give players the chance to experience the fun, mayhem, and craziness of being a parent.

EA and Maxis also just released a new patch for the game, which included huge changes to the load/save menu of The Sims 4, along with other small tweaks and additional features.

They are also putting together another DLC after fans determined the subject, the design, and everything in between through polls. Gamers have chosen the Eco Living Stuff Pack. Work on the art style is well underway.

The Sims 4: Pets DLC is yet to be confirmed.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts and Maxis]

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