Jenelle Evans and Barbara: Inside Their Custody Agreement For Jace

Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans have been at all-out war with one another over Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, 7. Jenelle, who got pregnant with Jace as a teen, handed him over to Barbara because she was still into drugs and partying at the time. However, now that she’s settled down with fiance David Eason, she feels it is high time the court and Barbara acknowledged her growth and allowed her to have full custody of her son.

The pair were set to go to trial earlier this week but instead ended up in mediation, where they came out with an agreement similar to what divorced parents get. While it wasn’t what Jenelle Evans was hoping for, it does mean that Barbara can’t withhold time with Jace from her the way she has in the past, as now there are very concrete times set for when Jenelle has him. The agreement can, and likely will be, revisited at a late date and Jenelle has revealed that at that point, she will attempt to gain full custody of her son again.

During the custody agreement, the pair also made a plan for how much money Jace would be making from his appearances on Teen Mom 2 and where his money would be going. Without Jace, Jenelle Evans wouldn’t be famous in the slightest.

According to the Ashley, there were several terms of agreements the two had to come to in order to finish the meeting. Because they had both threatened one another with never seeing Jace again, the judge made sure that he was no longer used as a pawn in their arguments with one another. Although their relationship together has turned sour, Jace still loves both Barbara and Jenelle Evans, and it is recognized that both women are important in his life.

The mother-daughter pair agreed to the following terms.

“That neither woman can restrict the other from having access to Jace’s school, medical or other important records.

“They are not allowed to call each other names or say anything bad about the other when Jace is present. They must also make sure that no one else (i.e. friends, soulmates, etc.) says anything bad about the other in front of Jace. They must be respectful to one another at all times while Jace is present.

“They are not allowed to use illegal drugs (including marijuana), or let anyone else around them use illegal drugs around Jace. In addition, they can’t be under the influence (or have anyone around them who is under the influence with them) while they are with Jace.

“They can not drink excessively while Jace is present, nor can they allow others to be drunk around Jace.

“They can not change their phone numbers or move without letting the other know. Also, if they take Jace out of the county, they have to let the other know where he will be.

“The only people who are allowed to physically discipline Jace are Barbara and Jenelle. The agreement specifically states that no one else may do so.”

Jenelle Evans will have Jace every other weekend and on certain holidays. Either woman caught not complying with the contract can face legal consequences.

Although this is not what Jenelle Evans had hoped, this is certainly a giant leap in the right direction for the women.

According to Jenelle, not too long ago, Barbara would not allow her to see Jace on Mother’s Day. She claimed to be “heartbroken,” stating that her mother was hiding her son from her. Jenelle admitted that at first, she was very angry, but then her anger turned into tears.

However, Barbara isn’t the only one guilty using Jace as a pawn in their war with one another. Jenelle Evans has repeatedly threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 as long as her mother continues to be a regular on the series. She has also stated that if and when she wins full custody of her son, she will ensure that her mother never gets to see him again, which is pretty unfair considering all of the time Jace has spent with his grandmother.

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