Did Samsung Just Confirm The Galaxy J5 2017 And J7 2017? Release Date Just Around The Corner

Samsung may have inadvertently revealed its upcoming entry-level phones, the Galaxy J5 2017 and J7 2017, in an app for kids. While the mobile community expects the pair to be certainly released sometime this year, this is the first time that the South Korean company referred to the handsets.

The latest Kids Mode app product page update detailed the new features and improvements, including a list of compatible devices that work with its new parental control tool. Android Headlines spotted the current Galaxy devices on the list, as well as the refreshed Galaxy J5 and J7 that have yet to be announced.

While this is the first “confirmation” coming from Samsung itself, plenty of leaks already created a vivid illustration of both the Galaxy J5 2017 and J7 2017. Just recently, Android Authority reported the sightings of both handsets on a Russian Samsung manual, confirming some key specs about the smartphones.

The Russian manual revealed that both the J5 2017 and J7 2017 will still have a micro-USB port instead of a USB Type-C. A microSD slot is also present on the phones, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. The manual also describes some Android Nougat features without confirming the OS, so it looks like the upcoming handsets will come out of the box with the latest OS.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Design, Specs

The sketches are in line with the other leaks concerning both phones. Previously, renders of the Galaxy J5 2017 made its way to the German publication WinFuture, showing the rear and front side in different color options.

Right off the bat, the changes in design are obvious. Almost every element is now more rounded, such as the screen, corners, and the camera. The lens and flash are now also aligned vertically, and there are antenna lines placed at the top and bottom.

Under the hood, there are a bunch of notable upgrades, including an octa-core Exynos 7870 processor. The 13-megapixel rear camera now has a f/1.7 aperture and the 5-megapixel front-facing snapper has been upgraded to 13 megapixels with f/1.9 aperture and flash.

The Galaxy J5 2017 has also been revealed to have a 5.2-inch 2.5D screen, a 2GB RAM underneath, and a 3,000 mAh battery. It should come out of the box with 16GB internal storage and Android Nougat, as was also hinted by the Russian manual.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Design, Specs

The Galaxy J7 2017 looks the same as its smaller cousin. The corners are also more rounded, and the rear sports a new camera set-up. The antenna lines are basically in the same location and the color options are also alike.

The hardware on the Galaxy J7 2017 is pretty much the same as the ones in the new J5. The octa-core Exynos 7870 chip is also present along with the rear and front camera configurations. The differences are the screen size, RAM amount, and battery capacity.

The J7 2017 sports a bigger 5.5-inch 2.5D display and has 3GB memory. Its battery is also bigger with 3,600 mAh to account for the increase in screen and power. But the differences end there as the smartphone is also coming with 16GB storage and Android Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy J5 And J7 2017 Release Date

As for their release date, reports say that the Galaxy J5 2017 and J7 2017 are both arriving sometime in June, though Samsung has yet to make an indication when exactly. Both devices already passed through FCC Certification in April, so it will not be a surprise if they are revealed before this month ends.

Nonetheless, no one can say for sure when they will be unveiled and then launched into the U.S. market. But as entry-level phones, the J5 2017 and J7 2017 are surely coming with friendly price tags. They will reportedly be sold at 279 and 339 euros respectively, or about $309 and $379 in the U.S., Android Authority reports.

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