‘Mountain Monsters’ Begins To Unravel The Mystery Of The Little Girl In The Dark Woods [Spoilers]

The AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team is discovering that although the Dark Woods are extremely threatening and dangerous, it is becoming a rather crowded and popular place. Dodging supernatural creatures, trip lines, and another mysterious teams comprised of locals has left Buck and the rest of the Mountain Monsters team with little time to plan how they are going to capture the Woman of the Woods for the Rogue Team.

To recap what’s been going on during this chaotic season of Mountain Monsters, the AIMS team returned to the Dark Woods with a lot of trepidation. According to TV Ruckus, in return for capturing the Woman of the Woods, the Rogue Team leader will reveal who was responsible for killing a Bigfoot known as the Stonish Giant, and where the Mountain Monsters men can find the body.

Their previous trek into this dark and menacing forest left the Mountain Monsters team badly shaken, and Jeff never seemed to fully recover from his experiences there. After the Mountain Monsters men decided to return, the situation quickly went from bad to worse. Jeff began to act strangely and suffered from nosebleeds, then Buck disappeared and a video on his phone shows him communicating with the strange little girl he keeps seeing in the woods. Huckleberry had his own close encounter when he got into a knife fight with a shimmering humanoid figure that he was certain was watching the Mountain Monsters team and stalking him.

Critical Blast shared that Jeff is getting very little information from the other team he managed to infiltrate at Trapper’s request. He did manage to gather some scraps of pertinent information that led the rest of the Mountain Monsters team scrambling as they try to figure out what the other team is looking for in the Dark Woods. After Jeff was removed from the rival team during a hunt, Trapper insisted he try to get reinstated back into the group in order to retrieve more information. He demanded to meet with the leader, and his request was granted. At the end of the last episode, he told the rest of the AIMS team to meet him up north at a place called the Three Rings, and what the Mountain Monsters men saw when they arrived made them wonder if Jeff had totally lost his mind.

Why he was at the Three Rings is explained by Jeff during the next Mountain Monsters episode titled “The Secret of the Little Girl,” and what he tells them has a direct effect on Buck. A sneak-peek video reveals that Buck is on the run from the other team, and he plays a desperate game of hide-and-seek in order to keep from being captured. Buck must gather up his courage in order to try and solve at least one mystery that involves the Three Rings and the little girl.

The last episode of the season, titled “The Blood Skull and Woman of the Woods” finds Buck looking for the little girl after he makes contact with her at the Three Rings and she vanishes. While the rest of the AIMS team looks for answers as to what rival team’s agenda is in regard to the Dark Woods, Buck finds himself face-to-face with the Woman of the Woods. Mountain Monsters has a lot to wrap up before the season finale airs (including finally revealing to viewers what’s in Jeff’s nose), but the show is known for cliff hangers so fans may not get all of their questions answered on this season of Mountain Monsters.

Are you a fan of Mountain Monsters? Do you think the AIMS team will be able to uncover what is going on in the Dark Woods and what the other team wants? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Mountain Monsters below. Mountain Monsters airs on Saturday, May 27 at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America.

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