‘Chicago Justice’ Canceled: What Will Happen To Antonio Dawson?

It is a sad time for Chicago Justice fans. After weeks of hope, NBC decided to pull the plug on the legal drama. This is the first loss for the “One Chicago” franchise. While fans are understandably upset, it’s not the actual loss of the show that annoys them; it’s the thought of Antonio Dawson. What does this mean for their favorite crossover character?

Antonio appeared in the first episode of Chicago Fire. From there, he became a firm favorite and took on a position as a series regular on Chicago P.D. When Justice was confirmed, the character was offered a job in the State Attorney’s Office, getting evidence together to help Peter Stone put away the bad guys.

There was hope that Chicago Justice would survive. Unfortunately, it has been canceled after one season, and there is no way that Antonio could return to P.D. While Sophia Bush is leaving the show and will make room for Jon Seda’s return, that move would be a step back for the character. The move to the State Attorney’s Office was supposed to be a promotion. Nobody would realistically move backward in their career, especially when there were no issues shown on screen.

One option is that the Intelligence Unit works with the state attorney more regularly in P.D. This would allow Seda’s character to come back every now and then. He would be a regular recurring guest star, as he was in Fire from the very beginning. Another option is that he will take a more prominent role in Fire.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Seda understandably has some of the same questions now Chicago Justice is canceled. However, he admits that he is putting his trust in Dick Wolf. This is a man who has various successful shows under his belt. There will always be somewhere for Antonio within the franchise, which spans into Law & Order.

The situation is unprecedented, which is something that Seda likes. He’s looking forward to seeing what will happen next in his career, but it looks like he is open to joining any of the shows within the “One Chicago” franchise.

Fans have panicked about one of his latest tweets. He thanked his fans and the crew of the “One Chicago” shows he has been in for their time together. While the tweet implies that he is moving on to other pastures, it is also possible that his PR team believed it would be a good tweet as his future is in the air right now.

Seda is not the only one questioning his future. All stars and crew of Chicago Justice will have questions. Luckily, executive producer Michael Chernuchin already has another plan. Wolf has taken him on as the EP for Law & Order: SVU, according to the International Business Times. This isn’t completely surprising as Wolf has a habit of promoting from within his franchises.

Various shows within the franchise are getting EP changes. While some positions haven’t yet been filled, there are thoughts that Wolf will continue to promote and move around from within. This helps to keep the momentum going and avoids major character changes.

While there are plenty of questions about the future of actors (and their characters), there are also questions about when the next seasons will air. Chicago Fire fans especially can’t wait for Season 6 to come to the network. The Season 5 finale left the lives of three fire fighters in the balance, as Casey, Herrmann, and Mouch found themselves trapped in a burning building. Will all make it out alive?

The “One Chicago” franchise will see some changes in the fall 2017 schedule, with only Chicago Fire and P.D. returning in the fall. Chicago Med is pushed to a midseason start date.

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