Bryson Tiller’s ‘True To Self’ Spotify Download, Stream Link: Tiller’s Genius Lyrics, New Album’s Tracklist

Bryson Tiller has dropped his new album, titled True To Self, and the surprise release has fans of Tiller going wild on Twitter. Bryson’s name is being coupled with terms like stream, zip, download, and tracklist, among others. Bryson’s new album has caused the name Bryson Tiller to appear on Twitter’s trending list, because of the emotional reaction that fans are having to Bryson’s raw lyrics. First off, Tiller’s new album can be found on the Spotify link named True To Self under Bryson’s name.

According Spotify, True to Self contains 19 songs. Genius corroborates the 19 songs on True to Self, with many of those songs featuring lyrics from Tiller that show how Bryson has dealt with heartbreak, or with women who have potentially used him for his money and newfound fame, ever since Tiller blew up with his freshman album. One of those songs is titled “Run Me Dry,” which details how Bryson “curved” other women on the Internet for a particular woman, and put his “account in the red” for her. However, the tables would turn.

“It’s my turn to flex on you.”

The “High Stakes” song continues the theme of Bryson spilling his heart, and giving thanks to the “Most High” and praying that the blessings he has received don’t stop. Tiller sings about his mother being proud of him, and that the Lord told her she gave birth to a prodigy.

“I don’t f*** with you. What don’t you comprehend?”

Tiller’s True to Self seems to contain actual audio of voicemail messages Bryson has received from certain women, with the trials and tribulations of relationships on full display. Bryson sings about asking himself what he would do if he lost a certain woman, and how he would handle the breakup.

Meanwhile, the tracklist of True to Self on Genius comes with a view count that shows the songs that are the most popular on the album. For example, “Somethin’ Tells Me” comes with a whopping 42,600 views as of this writing. Other songs on the album, such as “Don’t Get Too High” and “No Longer Friends” enjoy more than 13,000 views.

“Somethin’ Tells Me” likely has so many views because Tiller also released the video for the song, as seen below, on May 25. The video has received more than 200,000 views on YouTube as of this writing.

Songs like “Stay Blessed” feature Tiller telling a woman that he still loves her, and that he knows her new man is nervous that she will dump him for Bryson. Tiller hits the nail on the head for so many of his fans as he asks why should anyone trade a gold-digger of a woman for an entrepreneurial one.

“Chucked a dude said, ‘Stay blessed, homey.'”

Bryson once again pours out his heart in lyrics that are already appearing on Twitter in screenshots of text messages being sent to ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Tiller has the gift of verbalizing feelings that others aren’t always able to express, therefore folks are using Bryson’s gift of writing as their own.

There are bangers on the True to Self album, like “Money Problems/Benz Truck,” which speaks of Tiller treating prayer like a hobby. The faster-paced bangers allow for Tiller’s fans to still get their workouts on whilst soaking up Bryson’s thoughts.

“Bad b****** want my kids.”

Some of the comments flowing into Twitter about Tiller’s new album can be read below. Plenty of those comments come with a lot of fire emojis.

“Bryson Tiller ’bout to be responsible for the ‘Can we talk?’ and the ‘I’m sorry I hurt you’ texts this weekend.”

“Bryson Tiller you did your thing.”

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