Kate Middleton Feud: Duchess At Odds With Camilla Parker-Bowles Over Princess Diana?

Kate Middleton is generally seen and known as a nurturing mother, generous humanitarian and elegant duchess. The beauty, however, reportedly has her issues with one member of the royal family who crosses the line when it comes to her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana.

Once married to Prince Charles, Diana reportedly struggled with her own mental health prior to her divorce from the royal. Prince Charles, father to Prince William and Prince Harry, soon married Camilla Parker-Bowles, who has reportedly carried on making low comments about Diana’s mental health, even decades after her tragic death.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry relays that Middleton is fed up with Camilla’s comments.

“According to The Globe’s print edition, Kate Middleton was furious over the thought of someone like Camilla Parker-Bowles calling Diana mentally ill. Sure, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might not have a perfect marriage, but she is fiercely protective of him and Princess Diana’s legacy. Plus, Camilla is the last person who needs to make any comments about the late Princess Diana. After all, she was the third person in Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.”

Kate Middleton has always identified with the late Princess Diana seeing as she too initially felt like an outsider attempting to find her place. A commoner by birth, Kate had some work to do before she was accepted by royal fans and watchers. Her first couple of years as Prince William’s wife led to a nickname that was less-than-favorable. “Lazy Kate” was the name, due to her apparent lack of effort in various royal endeavors.

However, Kate was simply finding her feet in the role as duchess and by the following year, she was making regular appearances at various charity events and focusing her efforts on drawing attention to the need for support of mental health in both children and adults.

Why is it that so many years later Camilla is still drawing attention to Princess Diana’s mental health? As the publication notes, the now-wife to Prince Charles is likely jealous that even decades after her death, Diana is praised and has clearly left behind a legacy, whereas Camilla is simply known for being the other woman.

It’s alleged that Camilla and Charles began an affair as early as 1986, while the princess was still married to the prince. As it stands, Camilla is ever overshadowed by the work done by Charles’ late ex-wife and by that being done by Kate Middleton. The publication reminds of this and as to what Middleton’s focus is.

“Camilla is always in either Princess Diana or Kate Middleton’s shadow. But at this point there’s not much she can do about it. Princess Diana will always be a part of the royal family’s history and as long as Kate Middleton is around, she won’t allow anyone to utter an awful word about Prince William’s late mother.”

The Duchess of Cambridge has recently drawn criticism, however, from those judging her for her own parenting style. Kate Middleton is ever in the spotlight whether for the good or the bad and therefore all eyes are on her parenting of her two adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

At her sister Pippa’s wedding over the weekend, Kate was given the task of keeping an eye on the children involved in the ceremony and was caught in a few snaps looking rather stern. However, the gig was likely not an enviable one. Refinery 29 noted the details from the wedding and focuses on Middleton’s less-than-impressed facial expressions at particular moments.

Additional accusations were made following the wedding, that Middleton allowed Prince George to ride in a vehicle without a seat belt, as Inquisitr relayed.

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