NXT Star Breaks Bill Goldberg’s Undefeated Streak, Goldberg Acknowledges It On Twitter

The WWE started promoting the fact that a current NXT champion was closing in on the undefeated streak of Bill Goldberg before WrestleMania 33. That superstar, Asuka, has now broken the record, winning 177 matches since signing her WWE contract without a single loss on her record.

Bill Goldberg went 173-0 in WCW before he suffered his first loss, a controversial defeat at the hands of Kevin Nash thanks to a Scott Hall taser. As of press time, Asuka is 177-0 since she made her WWE NXT debut. With both superstars, their records include television events and house shows.

Stephanie McMahon pointed out the record on Twitter. In the tweet, Stephanie congratulated Asuka for making history. McMahon also said that Asuka deserved it. Not only does Asuka hold the record for most wins in a row without a loss, but she is the longest reigning WWE NXT champion of all time, regardless of the title in question.

Asuka took to Twitter and gave credit to Bill Goldberg when she learned of the streak and said that she is honored to have beaten the streak as the undefeated champion. She also called Goldberg amazing and said that she has a lot of respect for him.

Bill Goldberg then responded on Twitter by saying that the new “streak” is in very good hands. He then used the hashtag #Congrats.

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The streak was actually broken on May 14 at an NXT live event when Asuka beat Biana Blair to improve to 173-0 since entering the WWE. However, the WWE chose not to announce the actual breaking of the streak until after Asuka beat Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in a three-way for a successful WWE NXT Women’s Championship title defense.

Asuka made her WWE debut with an appearance at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn on Aug. 22, 2015, when the cameras showed her in the audience. She wrestled in her first match under the WWE umbrella when she beat Brooke at NXT TakeOver: Respect on Oct. 7.

On April 1, 2016, Asuka beat Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Dallas to win the WWE NXT Women’s Championship. As of today, Asuka has held the title for 420 days, which is longer than any NXT wrestler in history have held their titles. The second longest women’s title reign was Charlotte Flair, who held the title for 258 days. Finn Balor holds the record for men at only 293 days.

As for Bill Goldberg, there have been doubts to the actual length of his title reign. Unlike Asuka, who didn’t have the length of her reign mentioned until she surpassed Finn Balor, WCW made a huge angle out of the Goldberg reign.

Fans would show up and hold up cards with the number of wins that WCW claimed that Goldberg had racked up. It seemed that the wins would pile up faster than actual live events would have made possible. Goldberg made his debut on WCW Monday Nitro on Sept. 22, 1997, and beat Hugh Morris.

Goldberg won the United States Championship from Raven in 1998 and then beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship after that on WCW Monday Nitro. He didn’t lose a match until Starrcade 1998 on Dec. 27, 1998.

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From the time of Bill Goldberg’s debut, until he lost his WCW World Championship to Kevin Nash, he had wrestled for WCW for 15 months. From the time of the Asuka debut at NXT TakeOver: Dallas until the time she tied Goldberg’s record, she had worked in NXT for 19 months.

The question now is what is next for Asuka. The rumors indicated that Asuka would lose her WWE NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, but those plans might have changed when Ember Moon was injured and the fatal four-way became a three-way match.

The word is that Asuka will be coming up to the main roster soon, but the WWE will have to decide on whether they will have her lose the title, and end her streak in NXT, or have her move up and make an immediate impact on Raw or SmackDown Live much like Paige did when she was the WWE NXT Women’s Champion.

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