‘Dance Moms’ Star, Abby Lee Miller, Plans For Post-Prison Life And Talks About Broadway

Former Dance Moms reality star, Abby Lee Miller, may have prison in her immediate future, but she’s already making plans for what she’s going to do when she is out. She isn’t a quitter and she plans on getting her life together once she’s no longer behind bars.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Abby Lee Miller revealed some of the things that she’s working on and hopes to build on when she gets out of prison. At 50-years-old, Miller is not ready to retire from show business. She’s also not ready to give up on having a very public career. She’s full of ideas, but not all of them are possible at the time.

Abby Lee Miler wants to continue working with dancers in a new scripted TV show that she created on her own. She said, it would continue where Dance Moms finishes. Miller said, “because I know what should happen next.” Abby Lee did not reveal if she wanted to work with Lifetime to produce this new show, or if she wanted to find another network to work with.

She told Us Weekly that she also wants to take her passion for dance to Broadway with a show she calls Dance Moms: The Musical. Abby Lee admits that it has been a challenge to get this idea off the ground though.

Abby Lee Miller has big plans to take ‘Dance Moms’ to Broadway when she gets out of prison [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

She put the blame on Lifetime, who produces Dance Moms. Miller said that Lifetime wants to be in charge of it and but they don’t want to hand it over to someone who knows more about stage productions because they want to do it themselves. Abby Lee Miller thinks that they will “just screw it up like they do everything else.”

Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to 366 days in prison after being indicted on 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud and concealment of bankruptcy assets. She was also indicted for false bankruptcy declarations. According to the West Coast Sentinel, Abby Lee will also have to pay a fine of $54,000 and she will have two years of probation, after she has served her time in prison.

Abby Lee said that since these indictments, Lifetime has prevented her from accepting new work that has been offered to her.

Abby Lee Miller will be working on her memoirs [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

According to Abby Lee, Lifetime says that she cannot be on camera with any other network except theirs. As a result, Miller has had to turn down other on-camera jobs.

“I let people screw me over right and left. [I’m] not a criminal mastermind.”

Abby Lee Miller has also talked about writing a memoir of her life and her experiences.

Abby Lee says she’s still in shock about the prison sentence that she received. Radar Online says that Miller expressed her feelings at a launch party for What Happens At The Abbey last week, and Abby Lee said that she almost fell over when she found out what her sentence was.

Miller says that she doesn’t blame her attorney at all and he did do a great job. But Abby Lee said, “I always wanted to pay these people back.”

Abby Lee Miller wants to be assigned to a jail that is close to her Los Angeles home, but her lawyer, Brandon J. Valdream, says that might not be possible.

“We’re still in limbo right now,” Valdream said. Her request for a specific prison may be considered, but ultimately, Miller may not get to be where she would like while she serves her time.

What do you think of Abby Lee Miller’s plans for her future? Do you think that Lifetime or any other network will want to work with her after she’s been in prison? Or do you think she’ll get blacklisted from show business?

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