Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Why Foxx Is Still Denying Their Rumored Relationship, Is Cruise Still The Reason?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have perplexed onlookers for years now. The former wife to Tom Cruise and his Collateral costar have been seemingly linked for quite some time, yet neither have admitted to the romance, despite the numerous times over the past four years that Foxx and Holmes have been spotted in one another’s company.

Countless insiders have come forward indicating that the two are indeed a couple and are simply wanting to keep things secretive. Over the past few months, it seems as though Katie and Jamie are getting a little bit more slack about covering up their relationship as they have been seen on a number of getaways together that certainly prove there is something going on.

The two were in Cabo in late 2016 where they supposedly celebrated Holmes’ birthday. Then Katie and Jamie were seen in Miami on New Year’s Eve holding hands and getting cozy. The most recent sighting that had the masses hopeful that the two would finally go public with their relationship involved a jet-setting journey to Paris.

The latest sighting has caused many to believe that this is all the proof that is needed to be able to verify a romance between the actors, yet Foxx is still denying anything with his costar’s ex-wife. BET’s website shares a brief statement by Foxx when he was approached by paparazzi at LAX following his arrival from his Paris trip. His response was completely contradictory to what was expected. When approached and questioned, Jamie awkwardly replied, “Fake news, fake news.”

All along the only explanation given for him and Katie spending time together so frequently has been that they are merely friends. It seems unlikely, however, seeing as the two were staying at a hotel together in Paris and seemed so affectionate in Miami on New Year’s Eve. In addition, insiders claim that Katie is smitten with Foxx and ready to go public. So what is holding the Django Unchained star from admitting to the romance?

Could it still involve Katie’s ex-hubby Tom Cruise? Rumors swirled that Holmes was to abide by certain agreements made in their divorce settlement five years ago. Radar Online relayed this information last fall that was given by an insider.

“Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce. She’s allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she’s not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter, Suri. Katie wanted out of the marriage so badly, she agreed to the terms — and got $4.8 million in child support, plus another $5 million for herself.”

It was certainly a high-profile marriage and a high-profile divorce for Katie and Tom. It’s possible the gorgeous mother to Suri Cruise wants to shield her daughter from being involved in such a large media frenzy once again like the one that ensued after her separation from the Top Gun star.

As Perez Hilton notes, it could have been an awkward situation for the supposed couple and Katie’s ex since Cruise was on set shooting Mission Impossible 6 only a few blocks from the hotel where Foxx and Holmes were shacked up while in Paris.

Seeing as Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise have a history and a solid friendship, it is also a possibility that the Ray star prefers to keep things secret with Katie out of respect for his friend. Cruise likely is even aware of the romance, yet the platonic cover is possibly a preference for all three.

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