Nancy Cannon Latham: ‘Dateline’ Will Update Charleston Affair Murder-For-Hire Case Of Stripper Wendy Moore

Nancy Cannon Latham’s murder-for-hire case will be updated on Dateline‘s episode “The Charleston Affair.” The episode, which originally aired a few years ago, documents the story of Chris Latham, a prominent Charleston, South Carolina, banker, and his lover, ex-stripper Wendy Moore, who were convicted for hiring a man to kill his soon-to-be ex-wife Nancy Latham (Nancy Cannon). In January 2016, the convictions for both Moore and Latham were upheld. On Dateline, Nancy Latham will share details about the day she found out that she was targeted for murder. The case was most recently profiled on Investigation Discovery Channel’s Forbidden: Dying For Love and Crime Watch Daily.

On Dateline NBC, Nancy Latham will describe the moment Charleston, South Carolina, investigators informed her that someone was planning to kill her. They asked her if she knew anyone who would want to see her dead. Nancy told Crime Watch Daily the following:

“It was Madison’s spring break week, so Maddy was going to be in the house every single day, all day that week,” said Nancy. “I happen to be taking my bath. Madison answered the door and ran upstairs and said the police are at the door. They both came in and sat down and said Do you know of anyone that would want to hurt you? I said What do you mean hurt me? And they said Do you know of anyone that would want to kill you?”

The only person who came to mind was her husband, Chris Latham. It wasn’t that she really believed that he was capable of such a terrible crime, but he seemed like a likely suspect since they were just days away from the finalization of their divorce.

Nancy Latham learned that her hunch about Chris Latham was spot on. It was him who had orchestrated an elaborate plot to kill her so that he could be with his mistress, Wendy Moore.

In a previous Inquisitr article about Nancy Latham, their marriage was described as one that should have lasted a lifetime. The affluent husband and wife were a power couple who seemed very much in love. But as the years passed, their love waned, and soon Chris Latham began a torrid affair with his personal assistant.

Nancy Latham suspected that her husband was having an affair, and she was correct. However, Chris Latham was plotting more than just a romp in the sack with his new and much younger lover; he planned for Nancy to be out of his life for good, and as far as he was concerned, his daughters should die, too, if they got in the way.

Nancy wouldn’t have known what hit her if it weren’t for a routine traffic stop. It was that stop that led to the discovery that Nancy was on a killer’s radar. According to Newsweek, cops pulled over Aaron Wilkinson, who, along with Samuel Yenawine, was hired to plan Nancy Latham’s murder. He began divulging the details of how the murder of a socialite woman would be carried out.

Once Aaron Wilkinson directed them to an envelope that contained sensitive information about Nancy Latham, they were sure they had just intercepted something terribly evil.

Prosecutors say that Samuel Yenawine, also known as “Sammy,” planned to kill Nancy Latham for Wendy Moore and Chris Latham. Sammy ended up committing suicide in jail. Chris Latham was given 10 years and Wendy Moore was sentenced to 15 years.

With a sentence of just four years in prison, Aaron Wilkinson was considered a hero in Nancy Latham’s eyes. She credits him for saving her life before Chris Latham could carry out his sinister plan.

Dateline NBC will reveal how it all happened in their next episode, which airs at 9/8 p.m. Central this Friday. Last week’s tragic Dateline story involved the story of Linda and David Watson.

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