Pippa Middleton Wedding Menus For Sale On eBay? Why Is Kate Middleton’s Sister Secretive About Her Big Day?

Since Pippa Middleton’s marriage to hedge fund manager James Matthew, a few tidbits have leaked out about the reception, including whether Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, was there. On Sunday, the menu from the wedding of the year was up for sale on eBay. What did the wedding party eat, and what did the wedding menus look like?

According to the Sun, eBay seller guarko84na listed two menus. Both were identical, except one had “Pippa Matthews” at the top and the other had “James Matthews” at the top. The menu had the same green leaf motif as the wedding invitation. The two menu cards had bids that started at over $500.

The listing was was very brief, mentioning the weight of the paper and pointing out that the names at the top were handwritten. Below their names is the date of the wedding, May 20, and Bucklebury, which is the name of the Middleton estate.

“They are printed on thick paper and have a light green line on the edges, the names are handwritten.”

The Pippa menu has been soiled with food.

“Pippa menu is a bit dirty of food on the left side James one is clean.”

The seller assured buyers that these were authentic menus. It is assumed that each of the 350 guests received just one menu, with either Pippa or James at the top.

“They are genuine and original, actually used for the dinner.”

However, guarko84na obviously did not receive an invitation; the seller pointed out that they saw a photo of the invitation online and wrote that the style of the menu was the same as the invitation.

“As you can see in the second picture that I found online they have the same stile [sic] of the invitation to the guests.”

The lawyers for Pippa and James contacted the seller, and the items were immediately withdrawn from eBay. It may be assumed the couple are enjoying a technology-free honeymoon in French Polynesia and that someone working for them is obviously keeping an eye out for any leaks from their wedding. It would not be such a romantic honeymoon if they had to monitor any unauthorized leaks from their wedding.

Although the menus are no longer for sale, the contents of the wedding menu were revealed. What did the guests eat?

The food on menu had a very Scottish twist, as Pippa’s new father-in-law, David, is the Laird of Glen Affric. This 10,000-acre Scottish estate is located an hour west of the infamous Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. One day, James Matthews will become the Laird and Pippa will become the Lady of Glen Affric.

For the first course, guests enjoyed Berkshire Mayfly trout, served with marinated cucumber, confit tomatoes, horseradish cream, and sauce vierge. The main course was Cannon of Herdwick lamb, with lamb shoulder tortellini, aubergine (eggplant) puree, Yorkshire asparagus, and black olive jus. Dessert was the indulgent Glen Affric Cranachan Cheesecake with Highland Whisky Honey.

This is not the only reference to Pippa Middleton’s wedding that has been removed or retracted. Djordje Varda, the events and floral designer Pippa hired, had posted three Instagram photos of the flowers from Pippa’s wedding. Apparently, he was also contacted by the newlywed’s lawyers, as the photos were immediately removed from the social media site.

Why is the couple so sensitive about the details of their wedding and reception? Could it be because the reception was held at the Middleton estate?

The Sydney Morning Herald suggests that perhaps Pippa and James may not just be privacy-hungry, but instead, they may have signed a lucrative magazine deal. Nothing has been revealed as of now, but it could be assumed that this will be published very soon. There is no doubt that royal watchers want to see photos of all of the delicious details!

It was recently discovered that Kate Middleton’s sketch of St. Mark’s Chapel was on the cover of the wedding program. Another revelation is that guests received personalized marshmallows by brother James Middleton’s business, Boomf. The treats had the initials of the couple and were sent along with guests before they went home after a day of festivities.

Why do you think Pippa Middleton is so secretive about her wedding? Do you think she will sell her wedding photos and story to a magazine?

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