Loud Trump Supporter Berates Passengers, Crew On United Flight In Viral Video

In what has become a common scene in our current political landscape, video of an angry Donald Trump supporter spreading vitriol aboard a recent United Airlines flight to Newark, New Jersey, has gone viral.

Writers for the New York Post explain that the elder gentlemen, whose name has not been publicized, first boarded the United craft in Shanghai, China, on May 21, wearing a cap with the former reality star’s political slogan, “Make America Great Again,” emblazoned across the top.

“An older man in my row with a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat decided to make a ruckus and delay everybody else,” one of the flight’s reported passengers, Clark Gredona, shared on Facebook this past Sunday.

“He insists that because he couldn’t get an upgrade, he’s entitled to all three seats next to him, even though they’re assigned to someone else.”

In footage recorded from the cabin by one Alexis Zimmerman, another passenger aboard the aircraft, the Trump supporter is seen reclining on one of the seats in the outer row of the aisle, as others are forced to exit the grounded United flight, still in Shanghai.

(An alternate video link can be accessed here.)

“You’re a selfish man,” an annoyed woman on crutches says to him, as she makes her way to the exit.

Another female passenger is later seen telling the old man that his disruption will force her child to miss out on important school work that following Monday.

“This young lady’s not going to make it to her classes tomorrow and her tests she has to take, thanks to you,” she says, before asking, “Are you proud of yourself?”

In response, the plane disturber tells the woman to “shut up.”

“I’m entitled to that seat,” the temperamental Trump supporter goes on to claim to the United flight passengers, prior to mentioning an alleged diabetes diagnosis.

“Guess what? In 45 minutes, I’m going to collapse for not drinking my soda!”

Gredona went on to say in his Facebook post that the old man stood his ground and refused to exit the plane for two hours, even when police officers joined the flight crew to assist removing the unruly passenger from the cabin.

A Trump supporter on-board a recent United Airlines flight from Shanghai to New Jersey proved to be as contentious as the controversial slogan he wore on his hat: ‘Make America Great Again!’ [Image by Pool/Getty Images]

“He was trying to explain to the crew and captain [that] because he had [airline] points, he felt he deserved an upgrade,” Mr. Gredona relayed.

When that didn’t work, the Trump supporter then dared the cops and United flight crew members to physically drag him off the plane, in a disturbing nod to Dr. David Dao’s experience with United Airlines from back in April, as the Inquisitr reported earlier this year.

“He berated a female passenger [and] called her Hillary,” Gredona continued.

“Then, he called her a lesbian.”

Nonetheless, the United employees professionally persisted, and the man was ultimately escorted off of the plane, non-violently.

When the man exited, the crowd started chanting “Lock him up! Lock him up!” in a callback to another phrase often heard at Trump rallies in relation to his opponent, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In his Facebook detailing of the incident, Gredona explained that the passengers only reacted that way to the man after he openly displayed a crude sense of pride over disrupting everyone’s post-flight plans.

“So I succeeded in making you guys waste three-and-a-half hours,” he was claimed as expressing by Gredona.

A spokesperson for United went on to confirm to the Washington Post that their employees came into contact with the unruly passenger in Shanghai.

“[He] increasingly disruptive when asked to deplane,” they stated, “[and] local law enforcement was called to assist.”

Reps for the travel service didn’t relay what became of the Trump supporter once he was taken off the United flight; however, his fellow passengers were allowed to board another plane departing for New Jersey later that evening.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

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