‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Accused Of ‘White Genocide’

Some Star Trek fans are upset about the racial and gender diversity of the cast of the new Star Trek: Discovery series, the latest in the Star Trek franchise. The diverse cast of Star Trek: Discovery includes a black actress as the ship’s first officer and an Asian actress as the ship’s captain.

According to some fans, the producers are ruining Star Trek by pushing too hard for diversity and excluding white males in the leading roles. The fans accused the producers of promoting a “social justice warrior” plot to shove “political correctness,” “diversity” and “cultural Marxism” down fans’ throats.

Others took to Twitter to accuse the new series of “white genocide,” a conspiracy theory which claims that the liberal “globalist elite” have a plan to exterminate the white race.

“Star Trek introduces #WhiteGenocide in space… as if ‘diversity’ could make it to space.”

“Sad reboot. Forced casting of minorities. Won’t be watching. Cultural Marxist garbage… not creative.”

“Oh look! Another great franchise ruined by Hollywood’s feminist agenda.”

The new series features black actress Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham and Chinese-Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. The series’ action focuses on Sonequa’s First Officer Michael Burnham, supported by Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou.

The producers obviously intended to push the boundaries of diversity, but some are uncomfortable about the situation in which the white male cast members have been pushed aside while two “women of color” take charge.


The overall reaction to the new Star Trek trailer has been mixed. Some viewers accepted the race and gender diversity of the cast as a positive development. But HeatStreet insisted that forcing issues of political correctness, social justice or “diversity for diversity’s sake” into a series designed primarily to entertain, could lead to failure because it embraces “politics at the expense of creativity.”

“Star Trek has a long and storied history, and much of that history has developed into canon,” HeatStreet observed. “Discovery appears to upend some of that canon in order to rewrite Starfleet’s story in a way that updates it for a modern audience.”

But supporters of the diverse cast criticized the argument that the producers forced “diversity for diversity’s sake” into the show, saying that if the show is primarily for entertainment as critics say, then they have to explain why viewers who only want to be entertained cannot enjoy a series with colored and female leads as much as they enjoyed previous series that featured blue skinned aliens, pointy eared humanoids and white male characters.

“[They] accept a blue skinned alien, or a pointy eared humanoid… but they have a hard time with a female of their own species of different ethnicity…”

Supporters noted that three of the five previous Star Trek series featured white males as leads. Only Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager featured a black male and a white woman as leads, respectively.

“If we get to travel to the stars, we’d probably find life much different from us. Not just people with pointy ears or ridged foreheads…”

Other commenters noted that Star Trek has a long history of promoting diversity through its cast. Even the original series had a diverse cast and featured an interracial kiss between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols.

But white supremacist fans insisted that featuring non-white females as leads has “ruined Star Trek.” According to Daily Kos, many critics of the diverse caste accused the producers of risking a situation in which they alienate the core white male fan base while bowing to pressure from “social justice warriors.”

Many vowed not to watch the series.

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