NFL Trade Rumors: Richard Sherman Trade Still Possible? Cowboys, Patriots Were On Sherman’s ‘Wish List’

While all seems to be quiet at the moment on the Richard Sherman trade rumor front, is there still a possibility that the Seahawks could deal Sherman at some point?

Many trade rumors swirled around Sherman, the All-Pro defensive back, after the 2016 season ended, right up to the NFL draft. However, no moves were made, and now that the draft has passed, it seems as if Sherman is destined to stay with the Seattle Seahawks. Or is he? After some recent comments have been revealed to the public, it has to make you wonder if the ownership would really consider trading Sherman anytime this season, especially if the Seahawks somehow were not in playoff contention come this December.

According to a CBS Sports report, Sherman, who has always been vocal when it comes to expressing his opinion on and off the field, recently told ESPN’s Seth Wickersham that he believes the Seahawks should have won multiple Super Bowls by now, and he is concerned about the team’s chemistry. Sherman hasn’t been afraid to mince words when it comes to the offensive side of the ball either; especially when talking about head coach Pete Carroll’s unwillingness to critique Russell Wilson.

Now, to play football you have to be intense, but how far you take things can be either something the team can grow on, or it could tear a team apart.

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks reacts after a play against the Carolina Panthers. [Image by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images]

Case and point. Wickersham reported an incident back in 2014 when things got a bit out of control at a Seahawks practice.

“Sherman has always been intense, even before Malcolm Butler happened, and Wickersham paints a vivid picture of that intensity during a June 2014 practice, Wilson’s third year in the league. A few plays after Sherman ripped the helmet off a Seahawks receiver (that invariably led to a brawl), the cornerback intercepted Wilson. To punctuate the play — and perhaps to reinforce just how important this defense was to the team’s success — Sherman fired the ball in Wilson’s direction and yelled, “You f—-ing suck!”

Seattle was still a tight unit after this altercation, but it has to make fans ponder the old saying, “forgive and forget.” Coach Carroll seems like a very laid back nice guy, and he knows it is intense out there on the gridiron, so you know he forgave, but he probably didn’t forget.

Sherman has been even brasher since the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl to New England, including telling friends that he imagined possibly playing for the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, as well.

According to an NESN report, Sherman wanted to play for the New England Patriots this upcoming season, and he was hoping that he could talk his friend Marshawn Lynch into joining him. Wow, could you even imagine the already stacked Patriots adding Sherman and Lynch to their lineup? Of course, the trade never happened, and Lynch has since come out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders.

After all of the remarks and disagreements, Sherman remains on the Seahawks and will once again be one of the leaders on one of the best defenses in the NFL. Add to that, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the chances of trading Sherman are “zero percent,” and it seems that now, maybe all of the arguments can now be officially put behind them.

Will Richard Sherman remain in Seattle in 2017? [Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]

While Sherman is a great player, and Seattle is still one of the best teams in the NFL, don’t believe that if the Seahawks get a good offer from a team in need during the season, the Seahawks brass won’t consider it.

Sherman is under contract with the Seahawks for two more seasons, but he does have potential out clauses, according to Spotrac.

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