Josh Duggar And Anna Duggar Had Baby Already? Fans Speculate As He Puts Family, Job & Net Worth In Jeopardy

Josh and Anna Duggar’s start to 2017 has not been very smooth. The word on the street is that the patriarch of Duggar family, Jim Bob Duggar, is trying to bring back his son Josh on Jill & Jessa Counting On, but it looks like the scandals surrounding Josh do not seem to go away. With his court date looming in the horizon, the fans are now also speculating that he and Anna Duggar may have already greeted their fifth baby into the world!

The Duggars recently posted a picture of Jana, their eldest unmarried daughter, taking care of one of her nephews at her family home. While this is not the first time that the 27-year-old Duggar was seen with a baby, the Counting On fans noticed just how young the baby is and started wondering whose child this may be.

The youngest baby of the family is, right now, Henry Seewald, the second son of Jessa and Ben Seewald. However, since the birth date of Josh and Anna’s fifth baby boy was never confirmed, the fans are wondering if the couple is keeping good news away from them.

Because the couple has been vague about how far along Anna is in her pregnancy, the fans are wondering if it is possible that they have greeted their fifth son into the world.

A fan claimed that “[i]t’s Anna and Josh’s baby,” saying that she was “five months” along when they announced she was expecting.

Other fans spotted the error in her calculations.

“No it’s not Anna and Josh’s son there has been no birth announcement and when they announced the pregnancy,” Suzanne Morgan wrote in the comments. “[T]hey said she was due later in the year not that she had been pregnant for a while, they can tell the baby’s gender at the first scan if they are in the right position or at 10 weeks, Anna may have been 10 weeks when they announced in March.”

Some of them also commented on just how ridiculous this guessing game is, hinting that Facebook is to get a glimpse into other people’s lives, not to judge what is happening in them.

“Makes me laugh that people argue about whose baby it is,” Erin Kathleen Taylor wrote. “The point of the post is that she loves to hold her nephews.. They would have said the baby’s name if the point was about whose baby it is.”

Check out the photo of Jana and the baby that has sent the fans over the edge!

But this isn’t the biggest drama that Josh Duggar is facing in his life. Ever since it was revealed that he molested his siblings, was addicted to pornography and had an account on Ashley Madison, which showed that he was actively looking for extramarital affairs, he has brought a lot of strife to his family.

In fact, his wrongdoings put his family, job and growing net worth in jeopardy. When the news broke, TLC immediately cancelled 19 Kids and Counting and wanted Josh out of any spinoff shows that came afterwards.

Things will come to a head again in late June, when the 29-year-old father is due at the court to face another trial.

“Josh Duggar is heading to court on June 22 […] to face off with the man whose photo he used for his secret dating and hookup accounts,” reports Radar Online. “After the 19 Kids & Counting star’s double life was exposed, McCarthy sued him in August 2016 […] McCarthy claims that being connected to an admitted child molester and adulterer would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.”

The LA-based DJ is seeing $25,000 from the reality TV star.

His family is doing their best to keep Josh in a good light. They have been posting many pictures from his childhood, showing that, despite all his crimes and wrongdoings, he is a brother and son, loved by his family.

Do you think Josh and Anna Duggar’s new baby will finally help them move on from all the drama and scandal that put their job and net worth in jeopardy? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]

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