Amber Portwood Reveals The Truth About Sex Tape, Confirms Talks With Vivid

Amber Portwood is announcing her possible transition into the world of porn after confirming that she’s in talks with Vivid Entertainment to potentially release a sex tape.

The Teen Mom: OG reality star spoke out about the rumors she and fiance Matt Baier had meetings with adult film company Vivid Entertainment to potentially release a sex tape, as Amber revealed that reports of an adult film are in fact true but she hasn’t yet decided whether or not she and Matt will actually go through with the release.

Confirming that a sex tape is “in consideration” with Vivid and that she’s currently “weighing up the pros and cons,” Amber told E! News this week that she still hasn’t officially made up her mind on whether or not she’ll release a sex tape with her fiance but does already have plans for what she’d do with the money.

“We are considering it, we look at all offers,” Baier said of himself and Portwood starring in a public sex tape, but he claimed that the chances of he and Amber actually going ahead and accepting the offer from Vivid are pretty “slim.”

“We wouldn’t be doing anything illegal. It’s just sex,” he then added of their possible move into the adult film industry.

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But while Matt seemed a little less eager, Portwood told the site that the sex tape deal in question could potentially be worth millions and claimed that she would use the money to help set up rehab facilities, not to keep for her own financial gain.

As reported by Huffington Post, Amber has struggled with drug abuse in the past and even revealed during an appearance on Dr Phil back in 2013 that she was high the entire time she was filming the original series of MTV’s hit reality show Teen Mom and was even still abusing drugs while in rehab.

“I am not strapped for cash. I have a nice house, a nice life. I have everything I need. But I’m a business person,” Amber Portwood said, telling the outlet that if she does decide to go through with the deal that she hopes to be “opening rehab centers all over the world” with the cash in order to help others struggling with drug abuse.

Baier confirmed to the site that Vivid had made an offer to give himself and Amber an upfront fee of $85,000 should they agree to releasing a sex tape and also confirmed that he and Portwood would also get 35 percent of all of the net revenues from the release, which could mean a huge profit for Teen Mom stars if their tape gains a lot of attention.

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As for how much Portwood’s eight-year-old daughter Leah would know should the couple decide to film a sex tape and make it public, Amber said that she wouldn’t speak to the youngster about it until she was old enough.

“Leah would not know about it until she’s old enough,” the Teen Mom star said of her daughter. “I would hope no one would even think to tell her. It would be something I’d do when she’s the right age,” Portwood added.

Amber’s sex tape talks were first reported by TMZ earlier this week who confirmed that Portwood and her fiance Matt had met with Vivid boss Steven Hirsch in L.A. on May 8.

The site claimed that Hirsch “had reached out to Amber in the past” about potentially releasing a sex tape or doing something with the adult film company and revealed that, after months of being urged to have a sit-down, Portwood eventually agreed to have a meeting with Hirsch.

Confirming that a deal had not yet been reached, the outlet’s insider claimed that Portwood’s meeting with Hirsch “was very professional and low key.”

Do you think Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier will release a sex tape through Vivid?

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