Kylie Jenner Launches Three New Products In Her Ever-Growing Cosmetics Line

Kylie Jenner is proving to be quite the entrepreneur as she once again wows fans with another cosmetics release. The 19-year-old Jenner took to social media, including her popular Snapchat account, to show off the latest products hitting Kylie Cosmetics on Wednesday.

Kylie shared swatches of three new velvet lip kit colors, all of which feature a sweet name, as she worked to amp up excitement over the release. Fans shared their opinions on the newest shades in the velvet collection as they complimented the shades and commented on the name choices on one of Jenner’s Instagram posts.

Most of Kylie’s fans seem to like the additions as they let her know which one is their favorite.

“I like grape soda.”

“I luv [sic] poison berry of these but I can’t live without the brown sugar matte lipstick.”

Other Instagram users felt the urge to critic the new velvet name choices as they apparently aren’t big on “Grape Soda.”

“Cmon’ you couldn’t come up w/ a better name for the purple shadeeee [sic].”

However, Jenner’s latest releases are bound to do well given her Kylie Cosmetics line’s history of selling out — whether or not people like the names of the lip kits.

Jenner also posted a look at the spring colors on her official Kylie Cosmetics Instagram where fans were sure to let the brand know their true feelings. While some commenters said things such as “I kind of love the purple one,” others brought up suggestions for new products and restocks of current merchandise.

One such commenter ignored the velvet lip kits altogether as they inquired about Kylie’s collaboration with sister Kim Kardashian.

“Will you be restocking the KKW lippies??”

Another Jenner fan suggested Kylie Cosmetics come out with a whole new product in general because they said they would like to see glow in the dark lip colors.

“Y’all should make glow in the dark lipsticks next.”

The three new velvet lip kit shades weren’t the only surprise Kylie sprung on fans as she also announced that a holiday shade would be joining the permanent collection. Fans can now purchase the Dancer metal lipstick all year long as the teen decided to add it to her other three permanent metals.

Fans, excited over this news, left flattering comments on Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram post.

“Finally done good news! I missed out on Dancer because it sold out before!”

Allure magazine reported on the launch and stated that Kylie teased the new shades several weeks ago.

“Kylie Jenner just revealed the three Kylie Cosmetics Lip Velvet shades she’s been teasing for the past couple weeks on her Snapchat Story.”

The article goes on to say the three new velvet lip kits are bolder than the original four shades, which take on more neutral tones.

“Just as we hoped, the new hues are bolder than the OG Velvet Lip Kits (they were more neutral than the Matte Lip Kit selection).”

Allure also provided readers with detailed descriptions of the sugary-named lipsticks and had only good things to report.

“…Grape Soda (a gray-toned lavender). There’s also Strawberry Cream, which is a punchy pink that has us craving Cream Savors of the same flavor.”

It seems the deep dusty mauve color, Poison Berry, may be the site’s favorite as it went into depth explaining the shade.

“Poison Berry might not have the most delicious name of the bunch, but this shade is stunning. It’s a deep berry shade with a hint of brown. With the creamy matte finish, it’s sure to give you ’90s vibes all summer long.”

Fans can still order the new velvet lip kits at the Kylie Cosmetics website for $27 each.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

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