Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Did She Finally Get Jace Back?

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, have been locked in a heated battle over her eldest son, Jace. Jenelle gave birth to her son during her teenage years and was featured in the MTV docu-series 16 & Pregnant. Recognising that she wasn’t prepared to raise her son, she signed custody over to her mother, Barbara. The pair agreed that Jenelle would have full custody of Jace once Jenelle got her act together, but it took her quite a while, as the young mother of three faced ample issues with drugs and was arrested several times due to her habit.

However, Jenelle Evans has settled down with fiance David Eason; his child from another relationship, Maryssa, 9; her child from another relationship, Kaiser, 2; and their newborn daughter, Ensley. The reality star has not been arrested in quite some time and has asked her mother to give her more time with Jace. However, Barbara has not done so as she feels that now that Jace has been with her so long, she would be ripping him out of the only home he’s ever known. Both Barbara and Jenelle, however, have used Jace as a pawn in their drawn-out battle against one another.

Jenelle Evans has stated on Teen Mom 2 that she no longer wishes to film the series if her mother is present and Barbara called the cops on Jenelle and her fiance, David Eason, after the pair took Jace to their Los Angeles hotel room during a taping of a reunion special without Barbara’s permission. Recently, Barbara even revealed that she didn’t think she was allowed on Jenelle’s property.

Jenelle has shot back against Barbara, saying that while she wanted to spend Mother’s Day with her son, Barbara closed the blinds and locked the doors and “hid” Jace from her daughter so she couldn’t see him.

While fans of Teen Mom 2 are deeply divided on whether or not Jenelle should get custody of her son Jace, it seems that the North Carolina justice system decided that Barbara was a more stable home for young Jace.

Jenelle Evans did not get her son back like she’d hoped, but she has been granted more visitation time with her son, and complained that her mother has not let her see him for several weeks.

An insider reported what the atmosphere was like.

“It wasn’t very emotional. No one cried. No one fought.”

Other outlets, however, report that Jenelle Evans was in tears when things didn’t go her way.

The pair were scheduled to go to trial to fight over Jace, but they ended up in mediation instead, where they worked out a better plan for allowing each other to visit Jace. While they have both threatened to withhold him from the other in the past, the fact that he has a close relationship with both women would have certainly devastated him if a new schedule was not worked out.

Jenelle Evans and Barbara entered into a custody agreement in which the two will effectively share custody of Jace, but Barbara will continue to be the primary custodian. The Ashley reports that this will be similar to the way divorced parents work out visiting kids after a split. With this new schedule, Barbara will be unable to withhold Jace from Jenelle, and Jenelle will be unable to saunter away with him without permission.

However, the agreement will be revisited on a later date after they have been doing this one for a while. Jenelle will, of course, try to get full custody of Jace back again after that date.

Although Jenelle Evans is typically active on social media, she has been silent since the agreement was reached.

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