Fandoms Come Together To Support Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has canceled her Dangerous Woman world tour through June 5, following a deadly terrorist attack during her concert at Manchester Arena, and different fandoms are coming together to offer their support to her. While fandoms of different musicians can often be fiercely competitive and sometimes are known for the snide comments to one another, they’re all coming together in support of Ariana.

Reports state that Ariana Grande feels that this suicide bombing was her fault and that if she hadn’t performed at the concert, then so many of her fans wouldn’t be dead. She is also said to have been in hysterics since the event occurred and has flown home to Boca Raton, Florida to spend time with her family and friends.

In the wake of the horrific tragedy, different fandoms have come together with the hashtag #ThisIsNotYourFaultAriana, which has been trending. Images of people holding hands have been trending, with one fandom or the other saying that they are “with the Arianators” (the term Ariana Grande fans have coined to call their group). Also trending in support of Ariana Grande is a black remembrance ribbon with bunny ears, representing the ears that Ariana often wears during her concerts.

According to sources, Ariana is extremely fragile right now, and flew home to Boca Raton, Florida via Birmingham International Airport with her mother, Joan, and her crew. There to greet her on the tarmac was her boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller. An insider who observed the scene revealed to E! News what happened when the mother and daughter arrived.

“They were met at the airport by Ariana’s boyfriend, Mac Miller. When Ariana got off the plane, Mac greeted her on the tarmac with a long hug followed by a kiss. Mac also gave Ariana’s mom a hug. It was a very emotional reunion and they stood talking for a minute before getting into the car. Ariana looked exhausted and like she didn’t get much sleep. She seemed like she just wanted to get home and be with her loved ones.”

Ariana Grande’s mother, Joan, happened to be accompanying her daughter on the world tour. After the incident, she pulled fans to safety backstage, where they remained with her until it was safe for them to leave. Reports also state that Ariana herself wanted to go out and pull fans backstage, but her security told her this was impossible and that her life was their highest priority.

As of now, there are 22 confirmed dead in the terrorist attack, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for. The instigator of the attack killed himself in the process of the killing injuring at least 59 people. Ariana Grande has offered to pay for the funeral costs of all of the people killed during the horrific incident.

The star was clearly broken-hearted after the event and tweeted out, “Broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

Although she has suspended her tour until June 5, she is hoping to resume the tour with her Paris concert on June 7.

Various cities around the United Kingdom have been holding vigils for those who lost their lives during the Ariana Grande concert on Monday night. However, one vigil was interrupted in Birmingham with a man wielding a weapon, and he was immediately arrested and detained.

Most of those who lost their lives in this concert’s tragedy were young people, particularly young girls, whom Ariana Grande’s music appeals to the most.

Hopefully Ariana Grande will be feeling up to performing by June 7, as although she is likely traumatized by the event, she cannot let ISIS defeat her.

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