Abby Lee Miller Supposedly Heard Begging For A Ticket To ‘Hello Dolly!’ On Broadway

Abby Lee Miller may be heading to prison for quite some time next month, but the Dance Moms star hasn’t stopped that from letting her live her best life. The former reality TV star is making the rounds at various Broadway shows while she does live appearances in New York (presumably to make a quick buck before going to prison), and evidently, she was heard begging for a ticket to Hello Dolly! starring Bette Middler.

According to a company member of the show, Abby Lee Miller was heard outside the Schubert Theatre begging for a ticket to see the award-winning Broadway show.

“[Miller] showed up at the stage door for he Shubert Theatre last night begging for a ticket because she HAD to see Hello, Dolly! before she went to prison… I believe the phrasing was, ‘I have to see this before I have to go away.'”

However, the same company member who stated Abby Lee Miller was begging for the ticket also said that she, unfortunately, didn’t get into the show. It is unclear if it was sold out or Abby Lee Miller was simply refused service. However, she did end up at a bar with some New York City Ballet dancers, so she was still pretty much in her element.

The star has been doing paid appearances to rake in cash before her stay in prison, likely because she owes the federal government a grand total of $160,000 for her crimes, which include bankruptcy fraud, concealing $775,000 from the federal government, and bringing money from Australia through United States customs without declaring it.

The Dance Moms star was recently asked if she’s ready to go to prison, and she responded in the negative.

“I’m not out taking karate. I’m not in a self-defense class, though, maybe I should be. There’s a woman, who is a specialist, with the bureau of prisons, and she was supposed to — what I thought — prepare me for this. And she told me to take money for toiletries…. I need to find out other things. Like, I wanna know, can I wear socks to bed? Because my feet cramp up and they freeze. Can I do this, do that? Am I going to be able to have a computer there? Am I allowed to have specific deodorant? I have normal questions that a normal person would ask. I’m not getting those answers,” she said.

The reality star, however, hopes to use her time in prison wisely. She has asked to be near Los Angeles so she can continue working with members of the entertainment industry and that they can hold meetings together when they visit her. She says she has a new scripted show in the works that is all ready to shoot, she just has to say when. She has teased that the show will be where “Dance Moms should have left off,” and it might include some supernatural elements. She’s also hinted that former Dance Moms girls might also appear in the show.

Abby Lee Miller admits that her biggest fear of going to prison is not being allowed to be productive with her time. In addition to getting ready for her new show, she also plans to learn Spanish and write a tell-all about her time on the show Dance Moms. It could include some information about her time in prison as well, but she has not yet stated if she plans to include that in the memoir.

“[I’m scared] that I won’t be permitted to be productive. I hope this doesn’t make me lose my personality, or [makes me not] get involved in conversations [or] look the other way. That’s not me. It’s gonna be hard for me to keep my mouth shut,” she said.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]