Gal Gadot: Lies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, And Quitting Acting

Gal Gadot appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon only to feel embarrassed and awkward.

As Gal Gadot is doing the rounds on TV promoting Wonder Woman, which hits U.S. theaters on June 2, she stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show on Tuesday. And Fallon certainly won’t forget Gadot’s appearance at his show anytime soon.

Dressed in a sparkly, plunging gold dress, Gal Gadot graced the small screens of millions of American viewers watching Tuesday’s show at home. With her endearing accent, the Israeli actress was even more charming when she suddenly dropped an F-bomb on air before realizing her slip of the tongue.

However, dropping an F-bomb on air wasn’t the only highlight of Gal Gadot’s appearance on Fallon’s late night talk show, as the Wonder Woman actress also spent six minutes goofing around with the host during the Box Of Lies segment.

While Gal Gadot became the winner of the segment, Fallon was taken aback by the Justice League star’s revelation that she had never heard of the ’80s doll craze called Cabbage Patch Kids.

During the game, in which Gal Gadot and Fallon took turns describing bizarre objects and guessing if the description was the truth or a lie, the Tonight Show host attempted to lie to Gadot that there was a Cabbage Patch doll in front of him.

Clearly puzzled by Fallon’s words “Cabbage Patch doll,” Gal Gadot had no idea what the TV host was talking about. While Fallon’s initial theory was that there are no dolls in Israel, the Wonder Woman actress assured the host that they do have dolls in Israel, but certainly not the Cabbage Patch ones.

Gal Gadot also opened up to Fallon about her plans to retire from acting that had been scratched when she landed the role of Wonder Woman, according to The Times of Israel.

The crown jewel of Israel confessed how she nearly quit acting after being rejected from many projects over the years.

While Gal Gadot had famously played Gisele in Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7, the 32-year-old actress confessed to Fallon that if it wasn’t for Wonder Woman, she would have quit acting.

Admitting that being an actress and the rejection in the movie industry is “tough,” Gal Gadot said doing auditions over and over again and dragging her family from Israel to Los Angeles for the auditions nearly made her quit acting.

In fact, Gal Gadot was on the brink of retiring, when she got a phone call from Zack Snyder who wanted her to audition for a “secret role.” Six weeks had passed since Gadot auditioned for the mystery role, and the actress admits that she even forgot about that role.

That’s where Gal Gadot drops an F-bomb on air and makes Fallon and people in the audience blush. Watch the awkward moment at 2:58.

However, then Gal Gadot got a phone call from her agent about wanting her to do another camera test.

Ready to drop everything and quit acting, Gal Gadot asked her agent outright what role she was being auditioned for. And that’s when she got a call from Snyder who finally revealed to her that she was auditioning to play Wonder Woman.

Pretending to faint in front of Fallon, Gal Gadot revealed her initial reaction. The Wonder Woman actress told Fallon that she had been on a flight when she found out that the role of Wonder Woman went to her.

And – understandably – Gal Gadot kept screaming, “Oh my god, oh my god” while on the plane, triggering fears in the rest of the passengers, because she couldn’t believe she actually got the part.

Wonder Woman opens in Israel on June 1, and in the U.S. on June 2.

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