Johnny Depp Jealousy: Amber Heard ‘Sexploitation’ Claim Addressed As Producers Accused Fire Back

Johnny Depp’s past keeps catching up with him, despite finally having a bit of a win at the box office with the latest installment of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales, negative claims keep being made about the Hollywood star.

Negative press regarding the star began a year ago when his now ex-wife filed for divorce and alleged domestic violence. Amber Heard sought a restraining order and things went from bad to worse for Depp.

Following the divorce being finalized and Depp being ordered to pay up $7 million, Forbes named Johnny Hollywood’s most overpaid actor and his financial woes were laid out for the world to see, thanks to his former management group, TMG. The former management team was responding to a law suit launched by Depp for alleged mismanagement of his finances over the years. In short, the actor’s $600 million fortune had dwindled to nothing, as Business Insider relays.

The group continued to reveal more supposed details about the notable star, including Depp’s on-set practices. TMG states that Johnny wears an earpiece and is fed his lines on set adding that his behavior during filming of the latest Pirates installment was horrendous, holding up production with constant lateness and marital drama.

New claims being made focus on a film project that involved Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard. Heard was set to star in London Fields, yet the movie became stuck in limbo when specific scenes were said to be too racy for the actress to film. Heard has since accused producers of the film for “sexploitation.”

Although little has been made known about how the dust has settled on the project, producers of the film have finally retaliated and have blamed a jealous Johnny Depp for Amber’s decision to break her contract and that he was behind her failure to act in specific scenes that were made known to her from the start.

The Hollywood Reporter reminds of details regarding the lawsuit which was originally filed against Heard for not fulfilling her contractual obligations on the film.

“Nicola Six Limited, the production company behind London Fields, originally brought a $10 million claim against Heard for allegedly disregarding contractual obligations by failing to render acting services in conformity with the shooting script and later by refusing to promote London Fields at the Toronto International Film Festival. The actress, in response, filed counterclaims against Hanley and his wife, Roberta. According to the explosive cross-complaint, the Hanleys secretly shot nude and sex scenes with a body double for Heard in alleged violation of the actress’ Nudity Rider. What’s more, Hanley supposedly held onto “continuity photos” of Heard in various states of undress after filming.”

Hanley has finally spoken up in response and begins the filed statement by stating that Heard should be ashamed of herself and blaming the volatile relationship at the time between she and former husband Johnny Depp for the drama that ensued on set and was behind Heard’s decision to not follow through with her obligations.

The cross-complaint indicates producers are adamant that Heard was originally aware of, and gave consent to, all intended scenes within the film, but that ongoing pressure by Johnny Depp caused the film’s production to halt and for Amber to become in breach of her contract. The court filings by Hanley’s legal team outline these allegations.

“Heard later reversed course, apparently under perceived or actual pressure from Depp (who, according to Heard, was extremely jealous) and Cullen…[W]hether under the guise of supporting the film’s director who was terminated or whether under pressure from Depp (or both), Heard breached her contracts and sabotaged Plaintiff’s valuable film property, causing Plaintiff millions of dollars in damages.”

It has been stated by those involved in the production of London Fields that it was the drama which was ignited by this controversy which led to the divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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