‘Clash of Clans’ May 2017 Update Arrives, Splits Fans Over Pay-to-Win System As #GemBoycott Initiatives Arise

The Clash of Clans May 2017 ultimately proved that when classic mobile games get significantly revamped, there would always be some dedicated players who would not be happy with the changes to the game. While the CoC May 2017 update introduced numerous new aspects to the veteran mobile title, Supercell’s thinly-veiled efforts to push a pay-to-win strategy among Clash of Clans players has disenchanted many gamers, with many stating that the update has encouraged them to drop the popular game.

The May 2017 update for Clash of Clans has been hyped over the past few weeks, with Supercell initiating what could only be its biggest efforts yet to raise players’ anticipation about the patch. A series of videos, as well as numerous teases in the game itself, indicated various changes to the mobile title’s overall gameplay. Changes which, from what the teasers depicted, would be enough to significantly change the CoC experience for new and longtime players alike. When the update rolled out on May 22, it became apparent that Supercell did exactly as expected, and the hit mobile game would never be the same.

The Clash of Clans May 2017 update was headlined by the addition of a new village that players could access through a boat. The new village would need to be developed from the ground up once more, and while this would equate to a lot more hours of grinding for gamers, the new base would introduce new buildings, new troops and most of all, a new PvP battle mode. Overall, the update was almost everything that Supercell promised it would be. Regardless of this, numerous Clash of Clans players were nonetheless disappointed, and some are just downright angry at the developer.

While the added features of the second accessible base have been received warmly by numerous players of the popular mobile game, the limitations that Supercell placed on loot and its overt efforts to push in-game purchases have aggravated numerous players. One thing that has become a sore point for many CoC players was the fact that in-game loot now has a daily cap. This means that after a certain number of attacks, players would not be able to gather any loot anymore, unless users utilize gems, as noted by numerous CoC players in online forums such as Reddit. Gems, of course, are mostly bought, considering that Gem Mines only give out a few gems every day.

Thus, from the perspective of numerous free-to-play players, Supercell’s latest update to the mobile game all but forces gamers to pay for premium items in order to enjoy even the basic aspects of the popular title. The fact that the daily cap on in-game loot could be reached after just a few matches had all but infuriated F2P CoC players even more. In the game’s official Twitter account, angry gamers have even started a #gemboycott hashtag, in protest of the Clash of Clans update’s bias against F2P players.

This is not to say that the May 2017 Clash of Clans update has received overwhelmingly negative responses from the game’s millions of players, however. Inasmuch as there were players who were offended by the developer’s apparent cash grab strategy, avid gamers who have already invested a lot of time and resources to the mobile title have received the update warmly. The addition of new troops, another village to explore, and the new PvP game modes have been mostly appreciated by the title’s avid fans, especially since the new features provide a fresh dynamic to Clash of Clans.

Supercell has always been a developer that is particularly close and open to its massive user base. Over the course of CoC’s run, the developer has actively communicated with its users and avid fans of the game every step of the way, with the developer mostly taking the community’s suggestions and incorporating them in the title’s upcoming patches. Despite the strong opposition to the contents of the May 2017 Clash of Clans update from some members of the SoC community, it is undeniable that the developer has, once again, revolutionized the iconic mobile game.

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