‘Pennywise: The Story Of It’ Documentary Offering Producer Roles To Fans

Pennywise: The Story of It is a documentary in the works about the making of 1990’s It miniseries that will touch on everything from Tim Curry’s iconic performance as Pennywise the clown to the rash of coulrophobia (fear of clowns) the movie inspired in millenials. The documentary has already succeeded in securing a lot of never-before-seen set photos from It and exclusive interviews with dozens of the movie’s cast members (including Pennywise himself). Comingsoon reports the crew is searching for funding to make the experience even better, though, and is even looking to add fans as assistant or executive producers if they want to help out.

Dead Mouse Productions, the company behind Pennywise: The Story of It recently stared a crowd funding page on the site Indiegogo and is accepting donations. Its goal is 20,000 British pounds, which is equivalent to roughly $26,000 (thanks, brexit).

Like most crowd funding campaigns, this one is offering various “prizes” to those who donate certain amounts of money. Donating at least 10 pounds will get you a poster of the documentary, for example, and donating 30 pounds will get you a DVD of the project when it is finished.

Those who want to go the extra mile, financially speaking, can even become producers on Pennywise: The Story of It; donating 250 pounds will get you listed as an assistant produced in the movie’s credit’s, and those who reach way back to donate 2,500 pounds will be considered actual executive producers. That role means the one who made the donation will be listed alongside the other producers on the documentary’s official poster and IMDb page. If there was ever a way to memorialize your fandom of the 1990 Stephen King’s It miniseries, this is it. It could even be a way to get one’s foot in the door for entry into the film production industry, as it is a simple way to attain a major production credit.

Tim Curry in 2016. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

As John Campopiano, the film’s writer and one of its existing producers, points out in the new informational trailer Dead Mouse released about the movie, he and the others heading up the production are just a couple of fans of the movie. They will not hesitate to welcome aboard a fellow It-addict who just wants to help the film be the best it can be.

“As one of the filmmakers on this project but more importantly as a fan,” says Campopiano, “I want to thank you for supporting us however you can. We’re committed to making this film, we’re committed to telling these stories.”

Dead Mouse has a good track record of producing horror movie “making-of” documentaries even before Pennywise: The Story of It. In the past few years, the film’s crew have worked on similar docs for Hellraiser, Robocop, and, most recently, PetSematary, another Stephen King adaptation.

“We did deep dives into the making of the book, the making of the film, the people that were involved, and we told a huge story about this film that was made,” explains Campopiano, referencing the Pet Sematary documentary. “We want to do the exact same thing with It.”

Movieweb notes that the involvement of Stephen King himself with the project has not been secured yet, but the author will more than likely become interested if the production manages to stir up enough buzz.


“I think this documentary is going to be really special,” Campopiano continues. “The timing is perfect.”

He certainly has a point. The absolutely massive hype surrounding the upcoming adaptation of the book, which will star Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, has brought It, and Stephen King works in general, to the forefront of pop culture. Interest in the story is at an all-time high, and Tim Curry’s Pennywise is the embodiment of It for most people.

Giving anyone the chance to leave their mark on what could become an important cinematic artifact is a bold move, and it is a great way to ensure the project gets the money it needs to succeed.

[Featured Image by Emortal982/Deviant Art]

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