Ariel Winter Appears Slimmer Than Ever As She Continues To Flaunt Fiery Red Hair

The actress is not afraid to flaunt her curves, but it seems the Modern Family star is once again changing up her appearance. Ariel Winter has been giving fans a glimpse at her new look, which includes red hair, as she continues to showcase her figure on Instagram.

Now, it appears the 19-year-old is slimming down or at least wearing clothing that makes her look thinner, as she posts photos to the social networking site. In fact, some fans have started comparing her to Kylie Jenner, who is famous for her tiny waist and bigger bottom.

Ariel shared an image taken while wearing white jeans and a black top as she said she’s “feelin’ like Belle,” and fans were quick to notice how amazing she looks. Not only is Winter flaunting her long red locks, but also a trim figure as fans took to commenting on the post this week.

Instagram users left comments such as “stunning” and “beautiful,” while others called her inspiring.

“You are a different kind of gorgeous. Don’t let anyone ever put you down. You are you and you are beautiful.”

Winter has publicly battled body-shaming and embraced her curvaceous figure as she works to promote acceptance and positivity. However, it’s hard for fans not to notice Ariel’s changing appearance. It’s also known Ariel isn’t one to shy away from wearing whatever she pleases, even if fans don’t agree with her racy styles.

In the post prior to the ladder climbing photo, Winter gave her followers a fresh look at her new red hair as she wore denim cut-off shorts and a white crop-top. Once again, Ariel appears thinner than ever as she displays her figure for fans.

Her 3.2 million fans did not hold back their compliments as they brought up Winter’s struggle with body acceptance and past breast reduction surgery, of which she proudly shows off her scars.

“This girl does not get the recognition she deserves. Probably one of the most underestimated queens. No photoshop or surgery other than a breast reduction. Real af. Slayyyyy.”

In October 2016, it was reported Ariel was showcasing a recent weight loss as she posed in her Halloween costume. The Hollywood Gossip stated the actress was looking less “voluptuous” in her risqué outfit.

“As you can see, Ariel’s looking much less voluptuous these days than she has in the recent past, which is a bit of a surprise.”

In fact, Ariel has been recently denying claims of Photoshop as some commenters suggested she relied on the editing tool to make her appear thinner. Refinery29 reported on the claims as the teen effectively shut down the rumors.

“The commenter in question definitely gave Winter a backhanded compliment when he suggested that she did some editing on the photos she posts on her page. He wrote: ‘But don’t remember you being so skinny, was this photo shopped? either way, the real you is what I find amazingly pretty.'”

While some celebrities may have been offended, Winter had a quick and non-confrontational way of responding to the comment.

“This is the real me. I don’t Photoshop my photos. People look different at different angles.”

So, perhaps it’s simply the angles or the lighting that is making Ariel appear slimmer in her recent posts, and not necessarily weight loss. Either way, fans can admit the young actress looks amazing as so many have already done on Winter’s Instagram account.

Refinery29 came to Ariel’s defense as the site compared her statement to that of Kylie Jenner’s on the same topic.

“Lots of factors can make someone look smaller or larger, from lighting to clothing to, yes, the angle of one’s body. (Kylie Jenner has long professed the art of knowing your best angle.)”

Ariel may indeed be looking to Jenner for inspiration after all, but who can blame her?

[Featured Image by Noam Galai/Getty Images]

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