‘Fixer Upper’ Canceled? How Fake News, Misunderstood Rumors, And Ongoing Lawsuit Bedevil Popular Show

Has Fixer Upper been canceled? Rumors continue to fly around cyberspace that the popular HGTV series has been, or is going to be, canceled. In fact, the source of this confusion seems to be a couple of ongoing news stories (including one textbook example of so-called “Fake News”) that involve the Fixer Upper stars and franchise.

Fortunately for fans, none of those rumors are true; at least, as of this writing, there’s nothing to indicate that Joanna or Chip or both are leaving the show or that the show has been canceled.

Fake News: Joanna And The Cosmetics Line Chicanery

OK, so this isn’t exactly the textbook definition of “Fake News,” but the story bears some hallmarks of the phenomenon (notably, clever spoofing to make an unsuspecting person believe they’re reading a legitimate story). Anyway, back in late April 2017, an attention-grabbing headline began popping up on Facebook and other social media sites: “HGTV Nightmare: Joanna Gaines Leaves Show To Start Cosmetics Line.” Clever image manipulation made it look like the article was from Cosmopolitan.

Users who clicked the links were directed to a website where they could buy the products, called Derma Folia Renewal, for a trial period for $4.

However, according to KMOV (St. Louis), the whole thing is an elaborate scam.

Lisa Zillich fell for the scam. She paid $4 for the products, only to find out a few weeks later that the unscrupulous seller had charged her several hundred dollars; it’s the old “cancel after 14 days” scam, and when Zillich failed to read the fine print, she was taken for hundreds, through recurring charges.

So, long story short: the idea that Joanna Gaines is leaving Fixer Upper to start a cosmetics line is nothing but a nasty rumor, started by an unscrupulous cosmetics seller intent on scamming users out of their money.

Joanna, for her part, addressed those rumors in a blog post, via AOL News.

“No! I am not getting into the business of facial creams. And no worries, believing some of these stories happens to the best of us. And just in case you were wondering, YES! We are currently filming season 5 of the show.”

And while no one was talking about it at the time, Joanna preemptively put a rest to another rumor that she thought might come up.

“And No! We are not expecting baby #5.”

Rumors Based On Misunderstanding The Facts: Aren’t They Both Getting Their Own Shows?

Another rumor swirling around is that Chip or Joanna or both of them are getting their own spinoff shows on HGTV and putting their days of hosting Fixer Upper together behind them.

In fact, according to USA Today, there is going to be a Fixer Upper spinoff. However, it has nothing to do with Chip or Joanna, and they’re both keeping their current jobs. The new series, Behind the Design, will focus mainly on how Joanna comes up with the amazing designs for the properties. However, the new series doesn’t mean that Fixer Upper is ending — it’s just expanding a little bit.

An Ongoing Story That Keeps Coming Back: The Lawsuit Against Chip Gaines

By now you may have heard that Chip Gaines has been slapped with a $1 million lawsuit, according to Jezebel, filed by his former business partners. Specifically, Gaine’s former partners, John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark, claim that back in 2013, before Fixer Upper was a thing, Gaines talked the two men into selling their shares of Magnolia Realty to Gaines for $2,500 each. A few days later, Gaines announced that he was going to star in Fixer Upper, and now his former business partners believe they’ve been cheated.

Whether or not Chip owes money to his former partners will be up to a judge or jury to decide, but nevertheless, the suit won’t affect production or airing of Fixer Upper.

So the bottom line is this: despite several things going around with Chip and Joanna, none of them have any bearing on their main job, and neither of them are leaving Fixer Upper.

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